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All About Women ladies

I know everyone thus far has said that they had a great experiences with the Drs from AAW.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any issues with their concerns being addressed?

I think my baby is transverse and I asked my dr about a few weeks ago and she said "he better flip" but we wouldnt worry about until 36wks.  I am seeing Dr. Larkin on thursday and I plan on asking her to see if she can feel and see what she thinks.  I know I can wait until 36wks but for my dh's and myself peace of mind we would like to know.  I mean if he doesnt flip and he is breech I would need a c-section which isnt something I am really looking forward to but it would be nice to know what we are dealing with and that a section might be a possibility.


Re: All About Women ladies

  • Most babies flip before 36 weeks which is why they told you to wait.  They will definitely give you a c/s if the baby does not flip before 39 weeks.  I'm sure they will start planning it around 36 weeks.

    Talk to Deanna(carolina1178)... the same thing happened to her.

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  • I know i have time still for him to flip.  Iam just concerned and have a need to know how the little stink is laying.

    I guess Iam just impatient.  Embarrassed

    But thank you for info.  Your little is adorbal by the way.

  • I go to AAW and Dr.Larkin was my ob and my dd was tranverse until around 36 weeks when she finally flipped around.

    Try and relax everything will work out.

  • hey, yah i know the waiting sucks and everything but babies really do flip around to their position by 36 wks.  i was told the same thing.  i am not really concerned, as this baby is coming out one way or another. 

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