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Wishful Wednesday

I wish I could spend the day lying in bed reading! I've had so much time off the last month it's hard having to go back to work.

I wish there was some tropical getaway coming up. I'm not loving the cold!

Re: Wishful Wednesday

  • I wish for a good report at the dentist today.

    I wish for a good, safe trip to Wisconsin this weekend for R and I.

    I wish for a shopping spree with free money. I really could use a new wardrobe. 

  • image Kate&Mark:

    I wish there was some tropical getaway coming up. I'm not loving the cold!

    I think TX counts for this one!

    I wish E gets home before 5 today.  He's been working late due to the holidays and he really misses Lucas.

    We can make a trip to the post office and that the weather cooperates bc I really want to walk.

    My heartburn will go away  for forever.  Grrrr.

    Such a big boy!
  • I wish all these boxes would unpack themselves, having 200+ boxes all over the house is really overwhelming me.

    I wish I felt like eating.

    I wish I didn't have so much work to do.  

    T&Y Est. 7/4/2009

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  • I wish my house would clean itself. We emptied the kitchen to redo the kitchen and my living room is a disaster.

    I wish it was tonight so I could be on my way to Fl. I miss my grandparents and can't wait to show off this little boy.

  • I wish DH had this week off with me.

    I wish some more nesties would get BFPs.

    I wish things (like landscaping) didn't cost so much!

    I wish I wasn't so addicted to pinterest. 


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  • I wish I had been more organized this year as I was last year and planned to hang out with friends during my holidays/vacation days this week.

    I wish DH and I will be able to get a lot of work around the house on Friday.

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  • I wish I could stay home sick, because I am horribly sick, but so many other people are out for vacation or are sick themselves that I have to be there for when shiit goes wrong, because without fail it will.

    I wish it wasn't monsooning.


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  • I wish I could just stay in bed all day and recuperate from the last week of craziness.

    I wish my parents lived closer (I think I wish this every week) 

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  • I wish I hadn't agreed to babysit tonight. I'm getting over a cold and am really not looking forward to spending the evening watching the kiddos.

  • I wish these stupid contractions would either stop, or do something.

    I wish that it wasn't winter.

  • I wish all the snow hadn't melted.  At least with a little snow it looks pretty out.  Now it's just muddy and gross.

    I wish DH would get this job he interviewed for.

    I wish I had taken Thursday and Friday off from work too...not looking forward to going in tomorrow!

    I wish I could stop yawning...I promised my sister I'd go to trivia tonight b/c it's the last Wednesday she's here until the summer time and trivia doesn't start till 9pm.  I'm going to be dragging a$$.

    I wish DH's student loans would be forgiven lol.


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