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Mini Poll: Things that make you go ahhhhhhhhhhh

Pms must be lifting - you know that feeling when all of a sudden your body just relaxes and you go ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm there

And I know I love 90s music...90s were my era man, and it makes me feel energized or relaxed or just plain happy.  Luckily there is a whole station of it on XM. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

What is it - that makes you just come to your center and find your happy place?

Easter 2011

Largest selection of Halloween Costumes

Re: Mini Poll: Things that make you go ahhhhhhhhhhh

  • chocolate and giggling either with my girls or with my family. and about the dumbest shit. THAT makes me go to my Calgon place.


  • Coffee and chocolate for things I can access on a daily basis.  A massage for a more special treat...

  • I'm with L7 - giggling with my girlfriends...

    Snuggling with my husband

    Bread.  No, really.... Bread.

  • 1. my hubby for sure!!

    2. The bombs

    3. My nephews and niece

  • A nice dinner out with DH fixes my mood every time. ?I don't know what it is - eating way too much, maybe. ?Or spending money I don't have. ?Regardless... it works. ?Also, hanging with my favorite girls is a surefire way to make me happy.

  • LOL IG! Loving that SB induction phase, eh? I promise you will not love bread as much later!

    Seeing my dogs play with their friends at the park, snuggling with my dogs...relaxing without feeling guilty.

  • waking up and realizing its a saturday

    Any massage, but especially a scalp massage.

    Cuddling with DH on the couch on a Saturday afternoon when we have nothing to do and nowhere to be. 

    Waking up on a day off with nothing to do.  And then rolling over and snoozing to my heart's content.

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  • Playing with my dog - oh and also channel 9 on XM too - I love it!
  • 1) My morning tea

    2) Sitting on the deck in the sun

    3) The scent of fresh lilacs

    4) Cuddling DH on a morning when we have nothing else to do.

    Not necessarily in that order Wink

  • having a good time w/my girl friends
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