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Christmas Poll

Favorite event/moment:

Favorite gift given:

Favorite gift received:

Cherished tradition that you enjoy:

Anything you missed or didn't get to do?:

Re: Christmas Poll

  • Favorite event/moment: I think tonight (although it is the day AFTER Christmas)... we got to see my sister/bil, aunt and cousin. We went to the Spaghetti Factory and were there for over two hours, talking, eating, laughing, opening gifts, etc. My favorite moment was when we did an ornament exchange. My sister read a Christmas story and you passed the ornament to the "right" or "left" everytime you heard the word, "right" or "left." It was fast paced and we were all laughing... and we were entertaining the rest of the restaurant, lol.

    Favorite gift given: Hmmm, probably the huge Snowman drink dispenser thing I got my sister... Sooo cute. She loves Snowmen

    Favorite gift received: A new set of everyday silverware... it's super cute. I only got a set of 8 so am hoping to maybe get another set of 8 for my bday or something... I also got a couple of super cute ornaments. :)

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: I really enjoyed cooking with my mom and sister. It was super relaxed and I enjoyed being responsible for hosting Christmas dinner.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: I miss the BIG family gatherings that we used to have... I also missed having a special someone to shop for, give great gifts to and spend Christmas with... but all in all it was a great Christmas!

  • Favorite event/moment: watching Anders stacking presents in his new wagon and then taking it for a spin around our living room:

    Favorite gift given: the wii we gave my dad so he has something to do after his knee replacement in February. He was completely shocked!

    Favorite gift received: ruby and diamond earrings from S. They were replacing the set that I lost one to in November.

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: getting Anders a Christmas eve book.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: spending time baking, cooking and socializing with my parents. We did a quieter year this time and since I'm only sleeping 3-4 hours a night, my parents did all the cooking and I missed that time with them 

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  • Favorite event/moment: Had to be when KR played with his basketball hoop with his daddy. Ryan was in heaven and so was KR. According to Ryan, KR has "skillz"

    Favorite gift given: I made my first quilt and gave it to Ryan. He loved it.

    Favorite gift received:I got a kindle fire! woot woot!

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: We always watch a show called Claymation Christmas. That and we always get a puzzle which my sister and I worked on nonstop.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: We didn't get to do our traditional Christmas. We usually open presents on Christmas Eve but my mom was working, so we didn't do it til Christmas morning.

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  • Favorite event/moment: Just spending time together without distractions. Our lives have been extra busy lately so the downtime was much appreciated.

    Favorite gift given: The gifts for the family we "adopted." It was a young family with 2 little girls, aged 2 & 4. We got to give them their gifts in person and it was so awesome. 

    Favorite gift received: My new DSLR camera & lens!

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: Since we didn't go home this year and his parents were only able to come out for a few hours on Christmas day our Christmas was a little non-traditional this year. As far as actual Christmas day goes, probably A and I going to the movies that night, something we do every year. The day after Christmas, we had our traditional Christmas dinner, roast beef, potatoes, and carrots! Yumm

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?:  Definitely  missed the big Christmas Eve GTG at my Aunt's house. It is only the 2nd time I've ever missed it and it is definitely hard. I Skyped with everyone for a bit so that was fun! We both missed not getting to go to his Grandma's and see everyone Christmas Even morning. It has been over a year since we have seen most of his family, and I know we both miss them!  Even though we were sad to not get to see our extended families, we still had a wonderful Christmas together! 

  • Favorite event/moment: Having so many of our family members over for the day was great, there's always so many laughs.

    Favorite gift given: My dad was very excited about the new grill that we got him. He's done so much for us since moving into the house that we really wanted to get him something to show how much we appreciate it.

    Favorite gift received: It's a tie between the new set of knives and the box full of comfy slipper socks.

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: We don't really have any set traditions yet, so we're trying to create some as we go.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?:  We missed my older brother and his wife not being here, but I suppose we have to share them with her family too. ;)


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  • Favorite event/moment: Spending the day hanging out with DH's family (Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousins) playing board games etc.

    Favorite gift given: We gave MIL a set of Cutco Knives.

    Favorite gift received:SIL's gift to me, a maternity shirt that says: Good Things Come In Large Bellies.

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy:Spending the day with the family.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: This year we didn't get to celebrate Christmas with my family. Hopefully next year again.

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  • Favorite event/moment: I enjoyed Christmas more this year than I have in several years... I think it was because I felt very excited/confident about the gifts we had for our loved ones. I also really enjoyed making quite a few of said gifts. Other than that, I very much enjoyed seeing M's reaction to his gift.

    Favorite gift given: Gracious, I loved them all. I was most excited about M's I think.

    Favorite gift received: The House plans from M, no question! Although, I loved everything I was given. I'm so blessed to have such a generous and loving family!

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy:The whole day is like one big long tradition to me. As much as it wears me out I do enjoy going from one place to the next and spending the entire day around our families.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: Because Christmas was on a Sunday and we wanted to go to church (I mean, it really is the whole reason for Christmas after all! And what better way to celebrate than to worship in church), but in going to church it threw the whole day off. We didn't get to have our normal Christmas breakfast at my dad's with eggs, bacon, etc. We had a late brunch with breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls... Then, because we ate that so late, my grandmother didn't want to make a Christmas dinner. So we went to M's parents for that, which turned out to be more about desserts and candy than food...still good, but I missed the normal eating of things.

  • Favorite event/moment: helping D unwrap his presents. He was getting pretty good by the end of the day.

    Favorite gift given: Mommy/Daddy & Me frames (they came from the baby) R loved his

    Favorite gift received:My DSLR. If you are my FB friend you have already seen a million pictures

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: Spending time with family. We don't have any 'real' traditions that I can think of

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: Relaxing and opening my new toys. This year was so rushed. I felt like I didn't get  to appreciate each gift as it was opened.

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  • Favorite event/moment: Grandma always brings Christmas crackers to open during dessert. The little gifts inside were SO perfect this year. Dad got a cord for his glasses (he's always losing them), Grandma got a bottle opener (she's my brother's drinking buddy, my Mom got a pen that looked like a tube of lipstick (she always complains people steal her pen at work). We were dying laughing opening them.

    Favorite gift given: We got my baby cousin a signed copy of the new Strega Nona Christmas book. He's too little to appreciate it, but his Mom loved it.

    Favorite gift received: My sister knit Christmas stockings for me and Mark!


    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: I always love Christmas Eve with Mark's family. It was a bit more somber this year, but it was so good to be around everyone.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: We scaled back a lot because we just didn't have time. I think I most missed having my Christmas dishes - they didn't make it out of the boxes this year. And, most of my decorations.

  • Favorite event/moment: Steve's face when he opened his gifts from me. He was really suprised and got everything he wanted.

    Favorite gift given: The sign I made for my mom. She has been wanting one for her new house for 2 years and I suprised her with it this Christmas.

    Favorite gift received: My new running shoes! I designed them myself and they came out fantastic!

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: Baking the days prior to Christmas and sharing the goodies with family.

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: Not really. We talked to everyone we didn't get to see on the phone that day and had a really relaxing holiday overall.

  • Favorite event/moment: Probably playing Monopoly with DH, my cousin and my Grandmother. She had never played before. DH ended up winning.

    Favorite gift given: I guess it would be the gifts I gave to MIL and FIL's gf. I bought a few small, cute gifts. It was fun shopping for the gifts.

    Favorite gift received: The 3 gifts DH gave me: a new wallet, the recipe card holder box, and the light for my e-reader.

    Cherished tradition that you enjoy: I can't really think of anything...

    Anything you missed or didn't get to do?: Two things: one, I wanted to open my gifts on Christmas morning to build the suspense because I've never done that, but it didn't work out. Two, my brother lives halfway accross the world now, so I missed him.

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