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WR Holiday vent

My organization is a membership organization with a lot of volunteer support. For the most part, they are wonderful, and I have met many wonderful people through my job and am so glad to consider them my friends. I work with one volunteer, though, who hates me. She is always incredibly rude to me, and is very difficult to work with. Unfortunately firing her isn't an option (she is a donor).

Anyway, she had a question about something for next week. I have been off all this week, so I didn't get the phone message (I get email on my iphone, but don't check my voicemail until I get back to the office). She then asked one of my staff, who emailed me Wednesday night, but I have been busy with holiday preparations and didn't respond until last night (24 hours later). She didn't like my answer (which was basically that I can't check on that from home, but I'll get back to you first thing Tuesday morning) and sent me a nastygram copied to my boss this morning (our office is closed today). 

So here is my vent. WTF lady? Why do you think that you are more important than my family? Why do you think it's ok to unleash a hateful email vent on me when I responded professionally within a reasonable timeframe ON MY VACATION? Why are you such a freaking witch? 

In my response, I wished her a merry christmas but I was lying through my teeth. 


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Re: WR Holiday vent

  • Sheesh - doesn't seem very charitable of her.  I've worked with cranky volunteers like that in the non-profit world too - it's like they forget about the mission and turn it into middle school.  Sorry she's being like this!
    Wife, Musician, Fed, WW-er, and Mom of three little kids - not necessarily in that order.
  • ditto Artslvr. Unfortunately -- and I say this bc I do the same thing -- when we say we are on vacation, we need to be on vacation -- and not engage in responding to voice or emails. At all. Bc if they don't like the answer you gave them, it opens the door for more email, etc. My new boss taught me this and I have been heeding his advice for the week -- only replying to his email, or to that of my president. No one else matters. No one will die if I don't respond to their question(s) this week, and I need to enforce the "I'm out and will reply on Jan 3" message by.... not responding before then.

    take a deep breath and let her and her issues go. Unless she has the power to fire you, her bitterness is not your problem to solve. Esp this week.

    Pam and John
    "What is a week-end?"
  • Ditto Pam.  If you're on vacation, you're on vacation.  Period.

    You have nooooo idea how many times my boss calls me when i'm on leave to ask stupid questions he already knows the answers to and where he can find such and such.  If he took the amount of time it took to call me and leave a 10 minute vm, he could have found what he was looking for himself.  It drives me insane.

    This is why his assitant pastor gave me a bottle of vodka for Christmas.

    Forget about her email, what's done is done, she's a witch.  Enjoy your time off!

  • I am so sorry you have to deal with this.  Donors were one reason I got out of that line of work.  I could not deal with the attitudes anymore.  Please don't let her ruin your holiday!
  • what a b!

    my suggestion, for the future, is to leave an out-of-office response on your email, NOT check your email when you are on vacation and leave an "I am out of the office until xxx, please contact so-and-so in my absence" msg on your phone.

    If you respond to email and phone calls, people will think they can contact you at any time. But if you really are on vacation and pretend you are on a Caribbean Island with no access to phones or emails, they'll just to find someone else :)


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