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Want to chop my hair off

So... I really want to chop my hair off.  Like... short.  I've wanted to do this for a few months, but haven't gotten the guts.  I have a hair appointment on Wednesday afternoon.  My husband is freaking out, and I'm worried that he won't find me attractive if I cut my hair really short.  But... part of me doesn't really care.

So here's a fun little for you, if you're bored.  Here's me (after my last hair cut, which was in October, so it's about shoulder length now):


And here's my pinterest board full of hair inspiration: Which do you think would look best on me?

I'm leaning towards these three:

loving this cut

 short hair


Re: Want to chop my hair off

  • I love the fact that Zeke is in the picture with you :) Just peeking in :)

    BTW- you're beautiful, and what a great choice of frames.

    I really like the super blond hair in your post - may be pretty safe, since it's only a bit shorter than your October picture.

    From Pinterest, I really like the fourth in the first and second rows, and the third one in the last row.

  • I like the picture of the girl in the green sweater.  The other ones make me think my hair would be in my eyes all the time and I would go crazy always pushing it away.
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  • I like all of them. :)

    Don't be scared! I decided at the beginning of the summer to cut my hair super short (a lot like the third picture). I was terrified, but I went for it and I don't regret it at all! I love my short hair. If you need a push, consider this one. Ha. 

  • I like the first one.  You look good with short hair!


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  • You look super cute with short hair. You can totally pull it off any of those looks! I like the first and thrid one the best.

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  • DO IT!  Short hair is so sassy, and I bet your DH will love it.  

    My hubs has had to put up with some interesting hair on me over the years for various roles, twice which involved my chopping it off to play a boy, so there you go! 

    I have a short, choppy, angled bob right now, and I lurrrvvve it. 

    I think short hair suits you based on that photo of you!  Adorable! I also vote for one or three :-) 

  • Aw, thank you!  I'm still getting used to the glasses, even though I've had them since September.  Sometimes I like them, sometimes I don't.  
  • Okay, so I've got another two favorites to introduce to the mix.   This Jessica Stroup chick has some great hair! 



     love it

  • I like both of these and they look a little longer so it may be safer to start with these
  • The last ones are my pick.  Ohhhh, just go do it!!!   :)

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  • Late: 

    I don't think you can wrong with any of those styles. You look so cute with short hair.

    Can't wait to see what you choose. 

  • Well, the hair is cut.  I love the style, but it's not the drastic change I was hoping for.

    My stylist looked at my Pinterest board and agreed that a short, short style would look good on me.  BUT, since I'd never gone this short, maybe we start with something more modest and if I still want short next time, then we go for it.  This is the shortest my hair's ever been, but it's not really a whole lot different than other styles I've had.  The back is pretty short, though.

    DH is relieved that I didn't come back with the Emma Watson cut.  Haha.  I'll be growing my bangs out so that if, next time I get it cut, I want to go short, I've got the right bangs for the styles I like.



  • Adorable! Love it! :-)
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