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far away aunt advice needed

 I'm an aunt to three cute kids that live overseas in DHs home country.  I always thought that aunts were cool people who did fun stuff with you but it's hard to do that being overseas.

Anyone live far away and an aunt?

Re: far away aunt advice needed

  • I live across the country from one niece and nephew.  It is hard.  Phone and skype are good.  Also, buy 2 copies of the same book.  You get one and they get one and you can read to each other over the phone.  Recordable books are good.  Also, get a coloring book or print coloring sheets online.  Color part of one and send it to them to finish.  They can do the same.  How old are they?  Good luck!
  • How old are  they ?  If  they are little maybe a customized board of your family ?  This would probably work best if you had other family members by you too.


  • Yup - I send them all sorts of cool stuff from my country, talk to them as much as I can and when I see them, I make sure to play with them a lot!  I figure I'll be the even cooler aunt when they are old enough to visit me on their own and see the sights here.
  • Ah, certainly not in your position, so I can only imagine how hard it must be wildstyle. You've received some good tips about staying in as close as contact as poss.

    BUT I did have just a bit of advice that if you guys ever visit home country (& if kids are old enough), it would mean ALOT to them if you carved out some special time when it's just you and H and them. And you guys do whatever they want to do! (Within reason, of course- take them to the zoo or even just a park, etc.) Making the most of whatever time you DO have with them will certainly carve a place in their little memories... Or @ least it did w/ me and my sibs when we had "far away" relatives visit.

  • My aunt and uncle lived in Europe when I was a kid.  We loved the stuff they would mail us!  They got us "real" gifts, but also always some junk food from their country.  Foreign junk food is better than regular junk food, duh!


  • Thanks everyone for the great ideas!  Suzymarie, I bet they'd like American junk food (although I LOVE the junk food over there esp the chocolate)
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