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Good gas mileage car recs??

My sister is looking to buy a new car and will be commuting over an hour each way to her new (and awesome) job. She's looking for something that has great highway gas mileage. I'm sure many of you commute, so i thought i'd just throw the question out there. She's not really decided on anything yet, but wants to start with the best gas mileage cars.. She was thinking about the Prius, but i've heard that they're better for "city" driving, not "highway"... hmmm? TIA!
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Re: Good gas mileage car recs??

  • I think you're correct about the Prius.  I was thinking of one myself, but I heard that the gas kicks in when you go over 35 mph.  So since our hour long drive (w/o traffic) to work is mostly highway, that wouldn't really benefit us.  Well unless we did 35 on the highway.  hehe

    Anyway, we've had a Toyota Camry and that got pretty good gas mileage.  I wanted to say we were around 35 mpg for that.  The Corolla gets pretty good gas mileage.

    Right now we have a Highlander and a Grand Prix.  My Grand Prix only takes premium so I wouldn't suggest that.  So she probably wants to check that out when shopping.  Our highlander is ok for a CUV on gas. Not the best, not the worst.

    My husband was looking into the Smart Car that's supposed to get really good gas mileage.

    Basically it seems like the bigger the car, the worse the gas milage gets.  I could be wrong though.  Oh and its all how you drive too.

    Sorry so long, but hope this helped a bit.

  • Two of my co-workers drive Ford Fusions, and I heard them talking about gas mileage the other day--I think one of them said they get 30-35 mpg.
  • As far as hybrids go, the honda civic hybrid is better for highway driving than the prius (gas-mileage-wise, anyway).  I'm concerned, though, that Honda will discontinue the civic hybrid like they did the accord hybrid.  The Prius is at least around for a long time.

     A friend of a friend supposedly got 52mpg on a long-distance road trip (highway miles).  I think the prius is not a bad choice - it still gets great gas mileage, and the electric engine kicks in for the city portions of the drive as well as any traffic jams.

  • The Accord Hybrid didn't get discontinued to my knowledge, they just haven't released the one for the new body style yet, and I don't think it's too far off.

    I have a Civic and I get good mileage but I think the best mileage I got was from my little Yaris rental I had a while back. I was pretty amazed how many miles I got out of each gallon while I had it.  It's teeny tiny though so its not something Id be super interested in having.

  • DH just bought a 2008 Honda Fit.  I think it gets about 27 city, 34 highway.
  • I don't think they'll drop the Civic hybrid though.  They dropped the Accord hybrid because they didn't like the performance that it got with the bigger engine.  The Accord is also now (2008 model) considered a full size sedan vs. mid-size (2007 and older), so that may have played into their decision.  The Civic shouldn't have that problem though since it has a smaller engine and they seem to be happy with its performance.  I did read somewhere that they are considering adding a new smaller hybrid to their line to join the Civic.
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