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Hey ladies,

Thanks for the info. I think we?ll come do some driving around in your neighbourhood & surrounding area this weekend. There?s so much out there we?re trying to learn as much as possible.

Ryan just got a job offer in Etobicoke which is what?s brought on the sudden move stuff (before that we were in limbo b/c we didn?t want to buy while he was planning on switching jobs).  He wants to be 30 mins or less from his work. And I want to be less than an hr from my work so we?re definitely looking in all of your areas.

Rebecca, thanks for the scoop on the buses, it?s nice to get an opinion from someone who actually rides it everyday!

Andrea, I looked at the pics of your house on Facebook, it?s gorgeous! It really looks like a nice place, and the backyard! No wonder you choose it! There?s once house near Erin from the nest, which is really nice and we like it, but the yard is a bit smaller than we?d like so we?re not sure. After seeing what you managed to get it?s inspiring to keep holding on to find something that?s a perfect fit!


And total other random coincidence, I was looking through your wedding pics too on FB and one of your BM?s Beth is a grad student in the department I work in!  I see her in the hallways all the time. As I looked through your pics, I was like she looks familiar? and then I clicked her name and it says she?s a grad student. She works in the lab right above my office! What a small world eh?


I?ll keep all you ladies in the loop about our house adventures I?m guessing it?ll be a few months before we actually buy and move into a place. I am so excited though! And who knows, I may up being one of your neighbours (I hope so!) it would be so nice to know someone in the area we choose.


On that note, since the 4 of us are all so close we should definitely all get together for a bbq and some drinkies this summer. I think all 4 of us are within 15 ? 20 minutes of each other. We?d of course bring our DH?s, and any other nesties in the area (I can?t think of anyone else off hand who?s around here though?).


Anyway, I?m sure my house questions have just begun, but we?re definitely on a good start!  Your help is all very muchly appreciated =)



Re: MissNot4Long/Starflower/Erin&Erik

  • Shannon, wow small world ! Yeah Beth was my MOH, she was in my class in Undergrad at Waterloo and my roomie for a few years =) Not sure what your price range is but our house was $385k last March, well it was listed at $398k but we got it for $385k, it's definitely cheaper being on the busy street, we could have never got our place inside the nearby neighbourhoods for the same price. We really think we did find a good deal though... the people that lived there were so messy and staged horribly (they had toys instead of a dining room ie. no table, some junk rooms, really messy everwhere, and ugly paint that we still haven't painted over for the most part LOL) and they were on the market for awhile. ANyways yeah if you're in no rush to move quickly, definitely look for a place you can get a deal on.... also depends if you're looking for a "forever home" or what your intentions are. We looked for a house assuming we'd stay at least 5 years and max 10 years (ie. our potential kids would not be in school yet), so we were looking for something that would hopefully go up in value and not so much worried about the neighbourhood/schools. Plus obviously commuting location.... Depends where your hubby is working in Etobicoke but you may want to go furthur south so that you can get to the subway faster, it's probably worth it for you unless you want a big house on a big lot. TTYL!

  • I was thinking the same thing that we're all so close that we should get together. I would totally be up for it.

    I didn't realize that Ryan actually got the job offer! I thought he was still interviewing!  Congrats! 

    Have fun looking for a place, it's a really exciting time!! 

  • I volunteer my backyard for a GTG!!! Just have to set a time/date! (Sorry already busy this weekend)
  • Congrats to Ryan on his job, Shannon! Where in Etobicoke is he working?

     We should definitely plan a GTG! Hopefully we'll be able to make it - we're out of town for 3 weekends in May, and then my MIL is here for 2 weekends in June.

  • Woo hoo GTG!

    Lets wait until it's warmer out and then we'll pick a date, and Andrea your backyard sounds great, after seeing it on FB I'd love to see it in person. It looks like you have an amazing deck.

    Erin, Ryan's job isn't official yet (so I'm trying not to get too excited even though I totally am), but the recruiter called the other night to say they want him! Now it's just working out the paperwork and all that jazz. If everything goes according to play it should be a pay increase too so we're pretty pumped!

    Starflower - he'll be working at Martingrove & 401, which is sooo much better than Oakville where he used to be. If he stayed there we were probably going to move to south Mississauga and I was going to become a GoTrainer, which I'm not quite ready for at this point in my life.

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