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Please help: my car interior and trunk smell terrible

I made the mistake of leaving a bag of potatoes in my car trunk for a week.  When I removed them my trunk floor was wet and there was a foul smell which has now spread to the inside of the car.  I've tried to get rid of the odor by spraying Lysol everywhere but it dodn't work.  

 Are there any ideas on how I can get rid of the odor?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Please help: my car interior and trunk smell terrible

  • My DS has thrown up twice all over in my new car.   My local car wash has a shampoo machine....I have shampooed it a few times.  I also then used the Arm and Hammer pet odor remover....I let it sit over night and then vacuumed it up.  I then used fabrize.  It does not smell at all. 
  • I don't have any brilliant ideas, but maybe some of the enzyme pet spray? Good luck! Rotten potatoes smell HORRIBLE!
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  • Take a match to it. Sorry, that's all I've got. Confused
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  • Sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the area, leave it sit for a couple days, and then vacuum it up. If that doesnt work, saturate it with Natures Miracle.
  • This happened to me several years ago.  I took my car to get detailed hoping that that would get the smell out.  They told me that they suggest leaving an brand new open container of coffee in the car for several days with all the windows closed.  It worked like a charm.  May be difficult to do if you have to drive the car, though, maybe put it in a box in the trunk and on the floor?
  • i use powder carpet fresher, leave overnight and that usually takes care of any foul odors I have.
  • I'd shampoo it and then Febreze.
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  • I would leave a box or two of open baking soda in there overnight or as long as you can without driving the car to absorb the smell. Then, I would place some dryer sheets under seats and in trunk if there is a remaining smell. HTH!
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