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Butcher Block Countertop

We bought a kitchen cabinet from IKEA and it has a butcher block countertop. The instructions say to put some IKEA Sweedish named oil on it at first every other day, and then every third day for a couple months. I know that it needs something so that it doesn't dry out and warp, but surely there is something besides the IKEA brand. It's a 45 minute drive to IKEA and I'm not really willing to make the trip if Murphy's Oil Soap or something else that I can can buy at the grocery store will cut it.


Re: Butcher Block Countertop

  • Sure, plenty of other brand options, there's nothing special about IKEA countertops that require their brand of oil. But whatever you buy, you just need to make sure it's food-safe even if you don't intend to cut directly on it.

    Mineral oil is probably the cheapest and available at any drugstore (sold as a laxative). There are food safe versions of tung oil and linseed oil - but there are unsafe versions too, so read carefully! You can wax them too. You can probably find a few options at HD or Lowes, and even more online.

    John Boos makes famous butcher blocks, and they sell a couple different finishes too (oil and wax) google boos oil and have a look at that.


    - Jena
  • Murphy's Oil Soap is a you probably don't want to use that for oiling your butcher block.

    Just'll get lots of options. 

  • I really liked the look of those countertops last time I visited Ikea. Do you like it? I was afraid that if I [someday] got a counter like that that I might forget accidentally use it as a cutting board! But I still liked the look of it.

    Sorry I don't have any clue about oils, I just was curious about what you think about your countertop!

  • We have a butcher block top on our baker's rack and we oil it regularly.  You need a food safe, antibacterial oil- but any will work.  We buy ours at The Container Store because some of them have a very strange cent, and this one is more citrusy.
    White Knot
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  • I have a butcher block countertop on my island and absolutely love it.  I use plain miniral oil, it works perfect.  Be careful with the tung oil (and some of the others) as they may be nut based.  Although no one in my home has nut allergies I have a 7 year old and some of her friends do so I opted to use plain miniral oil.
  • Does oiling it make it very if you touch it, will you have oil on your fingers? I used a wood cutting board for making bread and had to cover it in olive oil to do the folding, and now anytime I touch it I can see oil comes off on my fingers. Will that happen with these countertops?
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