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Who is more attractive, you or your SO?

Who is the better looking person in your relationship?

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Re: Who is more attractive, you or your SO?

  • Right now, we are even for being beaten with an ugly fat stick. We're both grossly overweight. When we were lighter, eh, probably him. He's got great looks and charm!
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  • I think DH is, by far.  He's so adorable/boy-next-door cute!  Plus, I've never really considered myself attractive, so there's that as well.
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  • Right now its DH,although I'm more in shape.  He gets dressed everyday and is really naturally handsome (I think).  Me on the other hand, I'm in a self hating stage.  I can't stand getting dressed because I don't go anywhere and its dark at 5.  My hair is disgusting, I hate my skin.  All I can say is I still work out every day, but other than that, I'm a total ZERO!

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  • I would say my SO but maybe because he is a really good dresser and I am just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.
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  • DH for sure.  I am a huge blimp that is NOT glowing in this pregnancy.  My first pregnancy I glowed, and I would say I looked better than him, even when I was really huge.
  • H is better looking on a daily basis, even when he wears jeans and a t-shirt. If we both dress up nicely and I do my hair and make-up, we are about equal, I think.  So H for the win since he doesn't need nice clothes and good hair to look fantastic!
  • I would say DH since he's more naturally sexy, sometimes I wonder how he possibly could find me attractive. I do have some days where I might feel more attractive than him, but most of the time I just try to avoid seeing myself in the mirror.
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  • I'm going to be the first to admit that I am. But it's pretty easy because DH is so lazy with his personal appearance. He never shaves, hates getting haircuts, and has a big Italian nose ; ). 

    But we're both pretty sloppy dressers, no matter how much we try to look put together, we're always a little undone.  

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • Is it wrong to say me? DH really needs a haitcut now, but h? has lost some weight and looks hot :). I've finally reached my goal weight after a low of 110... And I muet day, curves are sexy! 

  • DH. Even when I was younger and prettier he was still better looking than me :(
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  • FI is better looking than me, I think. He's very sexy and confident and that makes him even more attractive. He's a little overweight atm, but even with that I often see other women give him "those" looks. Makes me wonder why he went through so much to meet me in person 6 years ago lol. 
  • Me. DH knows it and loves it. But DH is still quite handsome and carries a lot of charm.
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