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Open an xmas present early today?

G has been home sick all week (isn't allowed back at daycare til next week cause she's contagious) - I had to work from home on Monday & Tuesday, yesterday we had the day off, back to working again from home today. G is good - but just soooooooooo bored after a few hours cause I can't go play with her. My aunt said we could open one of the xmas gifts she sent if she's really bored again today - I must say I am VERY tempted........
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Re: Open an xmas present early today?

  • Do it, do it!
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  • Do it!
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  • I'd do it 100%! Presents are there to make her happy and feel loved, sounds like she (and you!) could use a little extra right now! :)
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  • Open it. She will be overwhelmed by all the gifts on Christmas anyways.
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    Open it. She will be overwhelmed by all the gifts on Christmas anyways.

    This. I'm all for spreading them out a bit instead of having 536 all opened on Christmas Eve/Morning, whatever your tradition is.


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  • My only concern is how old your child is.   If he/she is pretty young, then I don't see any harm in it.  Anything older than 3, and i think you run the risk of sending the message that for the rest of the month whenever any of you are bored or feel yucky, you get to open a present.   

    If you have a lot of presents under the tree already, and want to incorporate this into a tradition, then that would be cool.  Sounds like you have enough presents to open one each day until Christmas.   Just remember that as the kid gets older it will be harded and harder to have enough presents under the tree to do this.....

     Wow, I sound like a major spoil-sport.  

     Aw heck, just do it:-)

  • I say go for it!!! 
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  • Do it.... If she's young enough (sorry, I can't remember) you could always unwrap it for her so that she doesn't think its a present that she is getting.  Of course you know and know who to thank appropriately!
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  • oh she's only 17 months old - so she has no idea about xmas, etc :)

    We didn't end up doing it though - she was just SO good today and happily kept herself entertained. I do think we'll open those gifts via skype though so my aunt can watch her - before xmas - like someone said I agree that's a good idea as otherwise she'll just get overwhelmed on Christmas Day 

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  • I'm glad she did better for you today : )
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