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WIAR: The Summer Garden (sp through 200)

I'm about 200 pages in- in the first interlude- and this is just now getting interesting for me.

I felt like the first 200 pages were just... blah. I didn't feel half as connected to the characters as I have in the past and I kind of felt like it was all just going in circles.

I really liked the scene where Alexander went before the council on unamerian activities, but other than that I mostly thought it was all a bit pointless.

I'm not super into series generally, and maybe this is why- I'm just a little bored of hearing about the same people.

Did anyone else feel this way through this book?  

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Re: WIAR: The Summer Garden (sp through 200)

  • I am feeling this way too.  I actually put it down to read some other books first and will get back to it soon as that is my goal for December (finish books I have started and put to the side this year).
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  • I don't know... I was really into the series (it's one of very few that I've read one right after another) so I don't really think I can say I was bored with it at any point, but I can relate to the disconnected feeling.  TSG was my least favorite book from the series and I found it to be very different from TBH and T&A.  I definitely feel like the book is kind of all over the place as far as good parts and bad, happy and sad, interesting vs. a little more boring, etc.  I feel like there's a lot that happens in that book.  I'd say definitely stick with it. 
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  • See, I love series because I like to "stay" with my characters.  I fell so hard in love with Tatiana and Alexander from the beginning, so I enjoyed every painful second of the next two books. 

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  • image 84Lauren:
    See, I love series because I like to "stay" with my characters.  I fell so hard in love with Tatiana and Alexander from the beginning, so I enjoyed every painful second of the next two books. 

    This. I was flipping each page in TSG hoping for happiness between them...the first part of the book has such an impending doom feeling because you know T is keeping them running from the government. I couldn't put it down.

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  • I guess maybe I said it wrong. I do like the characters, I really do- I just feel like from the end of the second book through at least the first chunk of TSG, they are just static. I want them to grow, change, something. 
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  • I will add, however, that my favorite part of this book has been the flashbacks & learning about Alexander and Tatiana's pasts. Much more interesting then the "move and feel nervous move and feel nervous" present ;) 


    Although were I am now, they have officially moved to Arizona and it is getting a bit better for me.  

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  • I loved all three books but TSG was a slower read for me than the other two.  I'm not sure why but it was.  It could be because I read them all back to back in a very short period of time.  Maybe I was just burnt out.


  • I think The Summer Garden just has a completely different feel from the other two books to me because of the fact that it crams so much of T&A's life into one book, whereas the first 2 books only comprised a small time frame.  Also, the impending doom of the relationship is missing as well.  Suddenly T&A are alone together without a war knocking at their door and they don't know how to act together knowing they won't be separated in the next instant. 

    I think TSG has to be a completely different book from the first 2 only because T&A are having to learn how to live a different kind of life and have to build a relationship that isn't about the urgency of being together anymore.  They need to learn how to live together.  

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