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The daycare drama continues

So, as some of you know I have had Gabriel enrolled in a daycare (#1) near my work since Jan. But because of some stuff that happened at my work lately I decided it might be better if he is at a daycare closer to home.

So I went to this one daycare (#2) by my house. Wasn't too impressed but was thinking it was ok until I heard that one of the caregivers yells at the kids. Then I called the supervisor to come and see the place a second time and she rubbed me the wrong way. So I decided that one was out.

Yesterday I went to see another daycare by my house (#3). I really loved it. It was the first time I was actually comfortable about the whole daycare thing. I was really hoping Gabriel could get in there but I am not sure if there will be space.

Fast forward to today. I get a call from daycare #1. She called to touch base since June is coming up yada yada yada. Then she starts telling me that the infant room is closed right now and is not opening up until July! Yes, you heard that right-- July! She wants Gabriel to go to their other location for a month and then move to the original location in July. Um NO! I don't want him to go through a transition for a month and then have to do it all over again. How cruel is that!

So, I called the #3 daycare and told her of the whole situation. She was blown away. She said I could not send Gabriel there (to #1). Anyways, she told me that there is a great chance that she can take Gabriel but she will call me later today to tell me 100%.

If I get lucky and have him go to #3 daycare I am going to call #1 daycare and rip her a new one. Plus, I am asking for my $100 non refundable admin fee back considering that they technically broke the terms of the contract.

So, wish me luck today about #3! I really need it.


Re: The daycare drama continues

  • I can't believe how messy this has been for you! Even moreso now, I really hope #3 can take Gabriel!!
  • I've got my fingers crossed that everything works out with #3!!!  Keep us posted.
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  • CBLCBL member
    Glad you found one that you seem so comfortable with - hope you hear back from them soon.  And I completely agree that you should get your deposit back - they broke the terms not you!  Good luck
  • It's crazy how complicated childcare can be.  If # 3 works out then it was just meant to be.  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  • Oh my, goodluck.  I am so happy with where we are taking Joshua, and it wasn't the first place that we booked for him either, I still have him on the list since we did pay a deposit.
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  • Good luck!  There is nothing more stressful than trying to find reliable childcare that you are comfortable with.


    I will try to FB you later, I am having a busy day but wanted to ask you a few questions about Gabriel.  Hang in there, I know its not easy.

  • Oh best of luck Maria!!! I really really hope #3 has space, it sounds perfect. 
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