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Also, reality check #2 - croup and sledding

DS is coming off of a 10 day bout with croup, complete with 4 days of missed school the week of Thanksgiving, fever, steroids, and the works.  He just went back to school Monday, and still has a lingering cough.  XH wants to take him up to the mountains to sled this weekend.  Am I off my rocker in politely asking him to wait until DS is fully healthy?

Re: Also, reality check #2 - croup and sledding

  • I have no ideas about safety, since I think any winter activity where you fly down a snowy hill on something is the worst idea ever - but I think that asking him to delay a week or something is totally reasonable, and also totally the responsible choice to make.
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  • I take it your XH doesn't have any common sense..?   DS needs to stay inside.

  • That's kinda my thinking, but I try to keep those judgments on XH to myself.  ;)  I told him that he could call the pediatrician's office and see if they thought DS would be ok out in sub freezing temps, but that I doubted that.
  • As a kid, and now adult with nearly constant breathing problems...going up in altitude, freezing temps and being outside while the system is inflamed (croup) is a bad idea.  I would try to stop XH.


  • I'm with all of the sanity spoken above.

    Yes, cold air makes things worse.  

    I hope you can find some way to get him to listen to reason.

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