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nick names poll

Do you use a nick name for DH?

Does he have one for you?

also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well.

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Re: nick names poll

  • Do you use a nickname for DH? I am sort of lame, I call him Husband, or often Dito ("dee-toe"). When we were on our honeymoon in Mexico, I was being silly and making words sound spanish, so I was calling him husbandito, which has been shortened to Dito. Actually, when we were on a trip with his family, they all started calling him Dito as well, as did my friends in NM.

    Does he have one for you? Beans or wiferton. Sometimes Jilly beans.

    also, you may include nicknames for pets or children if you'd like as well. We call William most nicknames for William (Will, slick Willy, Willy Nelson, stuff like that) also Williamson, when he's barking we call him Bob Barker. I also call him the Sir a lot (as does my family) - his name is really Sir William Wallace [maiden name] [married name]

    I actually refer to most my close friends/family by nicknames. I cant really think of anyone I am close to that I dont have a nickname for, its wierd to call some of these people by their real names. I rarely use MH's name, sometimes I forget that other people may think its wierd for me to call him Husband or Dito. lol

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  • Nicknames for husband: Husband, E, Love Bug.

    His nicknames for me: Wifey, Wifeybutt, wifeyface, Love.

    Nicknames for pets: Simon has Sim, cuddlebug, cuddlebutt, and a few others. Mister is mister and kitty. 

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  • DH: Sweetie, Love

    Me: Ames

    C: Care Bear, Baby love, Beautiful, Lovey

    Hunter (dog): Sugar Bear, Booger Face, Puppy Love

  • DH: hubby, love, 'Kido (an old nickname from before we met), babe, and I'm sure there are others I'm not remembering.

    Me: Love, sexy, hot-mama, babe

    Baby S: Setherz, Setherz McEtherz, snugglebug, squirt, monkey, buga-boo and buddy

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  • Do you use a nick name for DW? Other than her name, I will call her babe.

    Does she have one for you? Nope.  But she'll use babe for me as well.

    also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well. One dog is named Murphy.  Sometimes I call him Murph Man but that's about it.

    We're really a nickname-less family but both K and I have names that don't lend themselves to nicknames.


  • DH: husband, baba when DS is around (dad in Arabic)

    Me: Hon, Mel, Lis

    DS: Babycakes, Nash

    Onyx: Poopface

    Allie: Allibastard (mostly when she's super hyper) Her full name is Alabaster. 

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  • Do you use a nick name for DH? Completely bee bee, but I call him Sir. I started doing it as a joke and to annoy him, and it just stuck around. To be fair, I usually call him by his actual name and sir is just something thrown in every once and a while. I also call him yo, brah, dude, homie, and probably every other weird title you can think of. If I really want to piss him off I call him Big Sarge. He picked that one up at WLC and he hates it. I think it's from a movie.

    Does he have one for you? Gorgeous. It's all he's ever called me.

    Nick names for pets or children: DD is Boo, Bean, Lil Miss, or Baby Girl

  • Nickname for H:  not really a nickname, but sometimes I call him Matthew with his grandma's southern drawl.  It comes out more like "Maythya." I also call him dear.

    His nickname for me: baby, honey, wife (pronounced weef-a).

    For the dog:  wrinkle face, stinky, stinker bottom, stinky butt, bubbers, blockhead.

  • We call each other baby or the Korean word for dear which is pronounced "Yo Bo". For about 3-4 months I had a neighbor think that was his first name. She finally called him "Yo-Bo" to his face and he near about died with laughter. I call the dogs variations of their names or Na-nas. No idea why but it just started one day. I think it came from NAuty puppies or something.
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  • Do you use a nick name for DH? I usually call him JERD...or J-ROD

    Does he have one for you? He calls me ten ( my name is Kristen)

    also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well.

    Our dog has the most nicknames by far.. His name is Buffett.. We call him bogle, beagle,boog, buffett beagle, bagle, bucket, BBP... Any B word that comes to mind :)  We love our little fur baby so much!

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  • Do you use a nick name for DH?  I call him by a variation of his middle name (long story) Genie, and about 23452345 other pet names.  Mostly the middle name though.  It feels weird to call him by his first name.  He mostly goes by Daddy now since the babies know who dadadadada (baby language for Daddy) is. 

    Does he have one for you?  Not one that he uses regularly, but sure he's got a few. 

    also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well.
    Nellie=Nene, Neen, Black Dog, Hound Dog
    Charlie=Chazzy, Chuck, Beelzebub, and a million others
    Elvis=Elvert(my niece called him this), Elvie, Lucifer, and a million others

    Mack-Mack Attack, Mackie (most common), Mack Man, Big Boy, Handsome, etc
    Annabel-Annie, Nannie, Fancy Face, Baby Girl, Pretty Girl, Annie Girl, Annabella, etc.

    I'm a HUGE fan of the nickname.  Everyone has one in my world :)

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  • DH: I mostly call him by his first name, or "babe" (and then silently cringe inside because I am turning into my mother and I hate it.)

    Me: My family nick-name is "bran" but DH doesn't like it that much and thinks it's weird that I answer to it. Whatever. He likes to call me "Brandie-girl" and "sweetheart" 

    Dog: Any variation of "Sam" I can find, I call him that. It's terrible, but I love it. Samwise, Sam-wich, Sammy-toe-jammy, Sammykins, Sam Face, Wiggle Butt, Samuel, Sam-alander (like salamander)... and I could go on. 

    Cat: Bryan, Bry-oon (Like that Brian Regan skit), Mr. Cuddlemuffin (Seriously the most affictionate cat I have ever had. He is weird) Mr. Snuggles for the same reason. I can't think of much more "bryan" kind of names, like we can with Sam. But I think he is okay with that after Mr. Snuggles. 


  • Do you use a nick name for DH? Steph is the most common one.

    Does he have one for you? He calls me Boo. Or Meewee (childhood nickname from my brother)

    also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well.

     Lol all of my cats have like a thousand nicknames. 


  • Do you use a nick name for DH? Yes. Babe, love, Smoo (joke), when I'm being super sickeningly obnoxious I call him schnookums (from that cuppycake song).

    Does he have one for you? He usually calls me babe or smoo.

    also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well: I call our rabbit who is named Trigger, 'Trig' 'little man' or 'that grumpy little dude' and I call our new kitten (who is named Athena) 'kit-ten' My H calls her Pinball or Pinny. I also refer to her as spunky monkey.


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  • Do you use a nick name for DH? I call him superman, which started off as a joke, i always tell him he has superman syndrome, but mostly Baby

    Does he have one for you? He calls me princess, which also started off as a joke when we were kids, I was a tom boy so princess was more of a dig at me than a nick name haha

    also, you may include nick names for pets or children if you'd like as well

    our dog Mikah we call doodle, doodlebugs or booger. no idea where ANY of these came from!!

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