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Do you pay attention to where your stuff is made?

Just wondering if you pay attention to what country the things you buy are made in. If so do you try to buy locally made stuff and/or to avoid goods from certain locales? I'll admit we usually don't check where things are made and we have wound up with quite a few things made in China--it'd be pretty hard to avoid though especially when you're on a budget like we are.  

Re: Do you pay attention to where your stuff is made?

  • We never check and I'm sure we have many things made in countries where the workers are poorly treated.  Even if you can afford to only buy things made locally it'd be hard to stick to 100% I think.
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  • I used to look all the time when we were in Switzerland. A lot of the meat, produce and other foods were from Switzerland. So I was curious when it wasn't. I checked other things too. Now for the most part I know where most of it's coming from since that unfortunately the reality for most US products.
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  • For food stuffs I try to go local. Everything else I don't look!
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  • For some reason the only thing I try really hard to get local is food. Other than clothes, I also find it difficult to tell where things are made sometimes. I ordered my wood floor from an American company in Georgia when it came in, it was made in china. My Sonata has Hyundai's name on it - a south Korean company, but the car is 99% assembled in Alabama. 
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  • Try for food (although certain quasi-local areas, which have extreme pollution issues, I avoid.  Even if you're not particularly "environmental conscious" the industrial (north's) sh!t, which was wholesale dumped in rural parts of Caserta, is appalling).

    For clothes, etc, I agree w/ neeps... it's really hard to understand just what 'made in' v. assembled in v. from products originating in, etc mean.   In Gomorrah there's a really interesting discussion of high-end (designer) "made in Italy" fashions.  Basically, the products (wool) is from the north, is shipped south (Naples), loaded on to a ship, sorted/processed/dyed/etc and primarily assembled in China, shipped back to Naples, "finished" (small sewing) in, essentially, Neapolitan sweatshops (often with illegally trafficked labor), stamped "made in Italy" (because, if the resource and finishing takes place here, that's enough for the label). 

    Really terrible.  I'm paraphrasing/summarizing, but, I've seen the shops, so I've gotta believe the essential premise is accurate.  Certainly not up to EU standards.  I don't have first hand knowledge, but I would guess France and other Western fashion capitals have similar systems.  Really disappointing... especially when you consider the retail price of the goods produced.   I don't want to give away the story, but Gomorrah has an amazing example (let's just say, specific Oscar red-carpet fashion).

  • No, not really, although I do try to buy Fairtrade as much as possible.  Also, a friend of mine here was telling me that Primark is horrible for transparency on where their clothes are made and Next ranks really high with trying to follow guidelines to ensure that their suppliers are treating their employees well.  Gap is suppose to be pretty good as well. 

    I have another friend who is super passionate about this and she says you can get an app for your phone who will tell you their rating.  I will look this up if anyone is interested.

  • We try to buy local food, especially during the summer.  We also tried really hard to hire locally when we built our house.

    But, when it comes to where our consumer items come from, we don't really check.  DH and his father are co-owners of an import business from the far east.  Pretty much everything comes from the Far East, and like others have brought up, even if it is "made in country X" doesn't mean much more than it is simply assembled there.  The quality issue is also semi-bunk.  There are very high quality items made in the Far East and there is crap made there as well. 

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  • I pay attention to where our food comes from too, I prefer to buy local.

    For general products I do check, but just out of curiosity. Where something is made wouldn't stop me from buying it.

    From what I heard about a lot of factories in Vietnam is that the products were mostly produced in Vietnam and then assembled on the ship that was sending the products to headquarters in whatever country, this would allow the products to be labeled "made in country xxx" and not Made in Vietnam. Things are not always as they seem.

    I agree with ctgirl, that very high quality items are made in Asia. H manufactures his products in Asia, they are all  high end. He even had some products made for the French Presidential offices.

  • The only thing I care about is food.  I look at anything else random we buy just out of curiosity.  
  • I don't look.

    But if I were to hear that a certain product was made in a sweatshop by slaves or something like that, I would refuse to buy it.  

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