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Food Poll

Since it's slow, and all I can think about is food....how about a food poll?

What is your Favorite....
-Salad Dressing
-Type of Cheese
-Ice Cream Flavor
-Espresso based Drink
-Candy Bar
-non-alcoholic drink
-Alcoholic drink
-take-out food

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Re: Food Poll

  • What is your Favorite....
    -Salad Dressing: Newman's own Caesar (not creamy) or Annie's Shitake Sesame
    -Type of Cheese: Chevre rolled in herbs
    -Ice Cream Flavor: B&J's Magic Brownies or Half Baked
    -Espresso based Drink: non-fat latte
    -Cookie: White choclate cp macademia nut
    -Candy Bar: Green and Black's milk chocolate and toffee or Twix
    -non-alcoholic drink: Skim Milk (pregnant or not)
    -Alcoholic drink: Old Fashioned with blood orange bitters
    -take-out food: Cheese pizza with dill pickle slices, onions and green peppers

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  • What is your Favorite....
    -Salad Dressing - Seasons of Change Italian Herb Vinaigrette

    -Type of Cheese - I used to love extra sharp cheddar. Now I'm just grateful for the vegan shredded cheese at Publix.

    -Ice Cream Flavor - pomagranet chip by Purely Decadent

    -Espresso based Drink - decaf, soy cinnimon dolce latte

    -Cookie - oatmeal raisin

    -Candy Bar - mounds

    -non-alcoholic drink - shirley temple... I've loved them since I was a little kid

    -Alcoholic drink - I used to really really love a dry martini with a twist of lemon

    -take-out food - sesame chicken and egg rolls from Wok and Roll down the street

  • What is your Favorite....
    -Salad Dressing - Balsamic
    -Type of Cheese - Vermont Cheddar
    -Ice Cream Flavor - This is completely dependant upon brand! But I love Skinny Mint from Turkey Hill or the Chocolate Brownie one from Edy's
    -Espresso based Drink - none.  I don't like coffee
    -Cookie - good ol' Chocolate chip
    -Candy Bar - Milky Way Midnight
    -non-alcoholic drink - Cherry Coke
    -Alcoholic drink - Strawberry Margarita
    -take-out food - Pizza & wings

  • -Salad Dressing

    Creamy Poppyseed

    -Type of Cheese

    Blue Cheese...or any other stinky cheese.

    -Ice Cream Flavor
    Peppermint, or Oreo

    -Espresso based Drink-Peppermint Mocha
    -Cookie-Chocolate Chip or Snickerdoodle
    -Candy Bar-Mounds
    -non-alcoholic drink-Mountain Dew
    -Alcoholic drink-Gin and Tonic
    -take-out food-El Diablos burrito. If anyone is going to my hometown, I'll have them bring me one.

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  • -Salad Dressing - Thousand Island dressing
    -Type of Cheese - Gouda
    -Ice Cream Flavor - Mint Chocolate Chip
    -Espresso based Drink - Carmel Macchiato
    -Cookie - Chocolate Chip
    -Candy Bar - Twix
    -non-alcoholic drink - Canadian Iced Tea - Brisk
    -Alcoholic drink - Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and Coke
    -take-out food - Chinese
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  • You are going to make me hungry 

    What is your Favorite....
    -Salad Dressing: Either Roasted Red Pepper and Parmesan or Thousand Island is my old standby.
    -Type of Cheese:  I don't get too adventurous with cheese.  But I love me some Babybel!
    -Ice Cream Flavor:  Cookies & Cream
    -Espresso based Drink: Either Cinnamon Dolce Latte, or Caramel Macchiato 
    -Cookie: A good chewy chocolate chip
    -Candy Bar:  Hard to choose just one.  I have a love for Mr. Big's or Wonderbar, but also sometimes like just some classic chocolate in a Dairymilk.
    -non-alcoholic drink: Right now I'm loving Cranberry Gingerale
    -Alcoholic drink: WINE!
    -take-out food:  Probably Pizza

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  • image indomesticbliss:

    -Salad Dressing - kraft's raspberry vinaigrette 
    -Type of Cheese - swiss, but not too strong
    -Ice Cream Flavor - chocolate, and rocky road if it doesn't have marshmallows
    -Espresso based Drink - mocha :)
    -Cookie - chocolate chip
    -Candy Bar - coffee crisp (yum!!)
    -non-alcoholic drink - orange juice with frozen berries in it
    -Alcoholic drink - captain morgans rum and pepsi
    -take-out food - Chinese!


  • What is your Favorite....
    -Salad Dressing: Ranch or Kraft Asian Toasted Sesame
    -Type of Cheese:  Sharp cheddar
    -Ice Cream Flavor:  Chocolate
    -Espresso based Drink:  none, I don't like anything coffee flavored
    -Cookie: Monster cookies (peanut butter, oatmeal, choc chip, and Reese's pieces)
    -Candy Bar:  Reese's Nutrageous
    -non-alcoholic drink: Dr. Pepper
    -Alcoholic drink: WINE! Especially Pinot Grigio
    -take-out food:  Crispy chicken BLT wrap from a local place

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  • -Salad Dressing: Raspberry Vinaigrette
    -Type of Cheese: I don't like cheese!
    -Ice Cream Flavor: United Dairy Farmer's Cherry Cordial or Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip
    -Espresso based Drink: I don't drink coffee.
    -Cookie: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip
    -Candy Bar: Twix
    -non-alcoholic drink: Ice Tea w/ lemon
    -Alcoholic drink: Mojito
    -take-out food: Chinese or pizza
  • -Salad Dressing  Light ranch
    -Type of Cheese  Just about anything but american, Fresh motzerella
    -Ice Cream Flavor  Anything from Jeni's
    -Espresso based Drink Peppermint mocha
    -Cookie Regular chocolate chip  
     -Candy Bar
    -non-alcoholic drink Sweet tea
    -Alcoholic drink Lemon martinis
    -take-out food  Chinese or Chipotle

  • -Salad Dressing: Kraft's French
    -Type of Cheese: cheddar marble
    -Ice Cream Flavor: I forget what it's called, but it's Ben and Jerry's and there was chocolate syrup and chocolate waffles
    -Espresso based Drink: mocha something
    -Cookie: Selections (generic brand) pecan choclate chip cookies
    -Candy Bar: Reeses peanut butter cups
    -non-alcoholic drink: hot chocolate
    -Alcoholic drink: wine I guess, but I don't drink anymore
    -take-out food: pizza
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  •  Salad Dressing: French

    Type of Cheese: Sharp Cheddar

    Ice Cream Flavor: Chunky Monkey  or Strawberry

    Espresso Based Drink: Jumping Monkey from a local place it is; espresso, ice,  chocolate, and a whole banana.

    Cookie: Snickerdoodle or Gingersnap

    Candy Bar: Almond Joy

    Non alcoholic Drink: Diet Pepsi

    Alcoholic Drink: stoli raspberry and club soda with 2 limes.

    Take Out food: Chinese or pizza 


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  • -Salad Dressing: ranch
    -Type of Cheese: cheddar
    -Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate brownie thunder from Umpqua Dairy, a local dairy
    -Espresso based Drink: meh none really
    -Cookie: um, any
    -Candy Bar: snickers
    -non-alcoholic drink: lemonade
    -Alcoholic drink: amaretto sour or hot buttered rum
    -take-out food: chinese
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  • Salad Dressing: Hmm.... toss up... I love Goddess dressing but also love balsamic based dressings...
    -Type of Cheese: colby or mozerella or sharp cheddar..... loooove cheeeeese
    -Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Choc Chip
    -Espresso based Drink: NONE... hate espresso/coffee drinks unless hot chocolate counts hehe
    -Cookie: Chocolate chip or the rasberry cheesecake ones from Subway ... YUMO
    -Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate Milky Way or 3 Musketeers
    -non-alcoholic drink: Diet Pepsi or lateky Starbucks' Peppermint HOt Chocolate
    -Alcoholic drink: Not applicable... I don't drink
    -take-out food: pizza or fried zucchini with ranch
  • -Salad Dressing: Either Balsamic Vinaigrette or Raspberry Vinaigrette 
    -Type of Cheese: I love all cheese, but my favorite is probably blue cheese or gorgonzola, followed closely by Vermont Cheddar
    -Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough
    -Espresso based Drink: skinny vanilla latte
    -Cookie: chocolate chip
    -Candy Bar: Twix or Reese's
    -non-alcoholic drink: Water
    -Alcoholic drink: Wine usually
    -take-out food: pizza or chinese, but I also love to pick up burritos or quesadillas from Moe's.
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  • What is your Favorite....
    -Salad Dressing - Totally depends on my mood... although my grandmother's homemade Thousand Island trumps everything.
    -Type of Cheese N?kkelost... it's a Norwegian Cheese that my grandmother pays a ridiculous amount for once a year. Otherwise, I like cheddar.

    -Ice Cream Flavor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
    -Espresso based Drink Oh dear... um, anything from Starbucks. My favorite is constantly rotating based on what BFF (who works there) feeds me.
    -Cookie Snickerdoodle
    -Candy Bar Twix
    -non-alcoholic drink Spice Tea... My stepmother makes the best ever!
    -Alcoholic drink N/A I don't drink
    -take-out food Pizza? We don't really do take out. Oh unless you count the subs we get from the diner right near us. That's pretty good.

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