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Is there a stomach Virus spreading???

Working from home today becasue both of my kids are sick ! Sad 
Yesterday my son cam home from spending all day at another school rehersing for a Symphony Band presentation they have today. He complained about feeling sick to his stomach. After about a couple of hours he started throwing up ... he went six more time during the night and started having abdominal pain and diarreah, which added a few more trips to the bathroom. At about midnight, my daughter had the same symptoms and they have been going to the bathroom all night.
They also found out about 4 other kids in their band that have exactly the same symptoms and one of them is in the Hospital. At this point there's no answer as to what happened. My son complained about a chicken he had for lunch at that school, but my daughter just tasted it and didn't eat it because she said it smelled bad.
I' staying home to keep them in observation and also to follow up on the kid that went to the hospital to see what they say. My first concern was salmonella, but now I don't know. I'll be listening to the news in case they say something about a virus going on.

Re: Is there a stomach Virus spreading???

  • There is def something in the air!  DH started with the same symptoms on Friday afternoon, and until this day, he's still going to the bathroom!  In less than 5 days, he lost 7 lbs!  Saturday he spent the entire day with fever, which reached 102 at times.  :: knocking on wood :: I still have not gotten it, and sure hope I don't.

    Hope your kids get better quickly!!!!!!

    -- Jackie
    "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane" -- Jimmy Buffett Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • wow! my coworker ate a chicken sandwich yesterday and was throwing up all day, then i started feeling sick to my stomach and i went home early yesterday...i hope the kids are ok!

    keep us posted! spreading feel better vibes!!!

  • Def something going around, my niece & nephew were both in the hospital this weekend.  They had been throwing & diarrhea for days, went in b/c they were completely dehydrated. 

    Hope you feel better soon.

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