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Hey! I figure you're looking for a blender to make protein shakes? Well... you don't really need one, if you don't want to bother.... As long as you're not crushing ice or grinding up fruit, you can still make protein shakes really easily without a blender. We have a small shaker, you can get them for $1 at Dollarama, it is around 500 mL and has a lid with a cap in it you can snap open... anyways any type of closed container will do, but you can just put the scoop of protein in there, and fill it 3/4 with milk or water and shake it. The powder shouldn't have any problem at all dissolving, that's what DH does every day after the gym. Make sure you invest in good protein though, then it won't taste chalky any you won't need to add anything else to make it good. Just ask the people at the store and they will know what tastes best. We usually make chocolate shakes with Milk.

But if you want a blender for other things too (daquiris, margaritas ;) then by all means go ahead! Then you can add fruits, etc to protein shakes too.

Re: *pizzabride*

  • Hey thanks!  I might try that out before getting a blender.  I know DH wants one, so we'll probably end up getting one at some point, but this is a good starting point!  :)
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  • Yeah if you buy protein and blender it's going to cost you.... if you just start with the protein then it's not such a huge investment :) You can get a decent size container of a good brand for $30 or so. the cheapest place we found to buy protein was Sport Nutrition Depot, there is one in Brampton on Hurontario, and one at Yonge & Wellesley... not sure where exactly you are. You can also order online but it's nice to go into the store and get advice to get started, here is their website:
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