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Thanksgiving cleaning

House is pretty much scrubbed, but I know I'll over look something!

What are the obvious things that can get over looked sometimes?

If you go to someone else's home, what would notice if it weren't cleaned? Cobwebs in windows, ring around toilet?

Re: Thanksgiving cleaning

  • I will be honest, I am judgy.  I basically keep a clean home Sunday to Saturday & if DH and I are expecting guests, it's all hands on deck & we go to town with the cleaning.  So, knowing this, I appreciate very much when I walk into someone's home & they've obviously cleaned/picked up for our company.

    Places you can skimp - bedrooms, closets, home office, etc.  Any space that you aren't entertaining in or won't be in.  Keep these rooms closed off and use them only for guest's coats. 

    Places that are a MUST clean - bathrooms!  Kitchen, family room/den and dining room.  Anywhere where there will be food is a must clean!  Clear away clutter, it's amazing at how neat rooms look right away just by storing away magazines, items not being used, etc. 

    "Trick" the eyes with the nose.  Even if I've cleaned/prepped the bathrooms the day before company arrives, I will squirt a little toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets the day of the Holiday/event and then flush them right before guests arrive - or don't, just let it sit.  Spritz surfaces, sinks, countertops with a lightly fragranced lemon juice, water and vinegar mixture.  When things "smell" clean, they "appear" clean.

    Fluff pillows, light candles, open the drapes - let plenty of light in.  Make your home as inviting as it can be.  Sure, with kids, sometimes a toy will be laying around or a pair of shoes, but if your home smells and feels cozy & inviting, guests will feel that way being in it.

  • I will sometimes miss on the dusting... and then 5 minutes before people are scheduled to arrive, I notice an obvious dust spot I skimped!  Check the lights fixtures for stupid dead flies that couldn't resist "The Light"!
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  • Cobwebs on chandeliers & table lamps. Dust on dark surfaces, fingerprints on doors near knobs & on lightswitches. Bugs on windowsills. Hair behind bathroom door.

    Yup, all things I have been known to miss. Embarrassed Not all at once, tho!

  • Scrub everything in the bathroom (make sure the base of the toilet isn't dusty, dust the baseboards).  Sure you're not in there long, but there's not much to look at so I always notice those types of things. 

    Make sure your fridge, stove, and microwave is clean.  Someone might want to help get things out or heat something up and you don't want them to see last weeks lunch or dinner splatters.  

    Scrub all of your sinks, you don't want a pink ring in the bathroom sinks or stuck on food in your kitchen sink.  

    IMO turn on a bunch of lights and open windows, everything seems cleaner when it's bright.  

    Don't forget to relax and have a good time.  It won't be the end of the world if you overlook something, try to enjoy your family.

  • Shanners has it: nothing I like more than a little whiff of cleaning product upon entering a strange bathroom. The bathroom is absolutely the most important. Scrub it within an inch of its life, don't leave any trace of human (hair, finger smudges, etc) and a jot of bleach in the toilet before you leave.

  • The base of the toilet and outside of the bowl.. Make sure to do behind it too. Also, the toe kick area of your cabinets.
  • It grosses me out to no end when the doors and door knobs are dirty or feel gross.

    I always make sure to wipe those down with fantasik the second before people are coming over.

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