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Dishes :(

I hate doing the dishes, more than I knew I could hate something. I put it until I really have to.. I want a dishwasher but I live in an apartment :(

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Re: Dishes :(

  • I live in a very small house without much cabinet space and I couldn't waste any to get a dishwasher put in. So I got a portable one off Craigslist. You can also find countertop dishwashers. I am so glad I got one.
  • I agree, if you have room get a portable dishwasher or a counter top one, if not try to stay on top of the dishes, don't leave them pile up (its a lot worse cleaning dried on food)
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  • If you can't wash everything the moment you're finished with it, at least give it a good scrub and rinse. 

    If you stay on top of it it shouldn't be a huge production.  

  • Wash as you go. Putting it off only makes it worse.
  • image jay.otter:
    Wash as you go. Putting it off only makes it worse.

    If you can't fulfill your wish of having a dish washer, this is the only way.  Get a good drying pad - we got ours from B, B & Beyond.  I loathe drying dishes, so this is a lifesaver. 

    If you're making dinner & will have a lot of dishes & pots n pans, get a sink load going so you can start to wash as the food is cooking.  The worst & hardest part about cooking a big meal, is being full afterward & going right back into the kitchen to wash dishes/clean up. 

    Also, try to reuse your cup or plate throughout the day.  I realize you don't want to leave/come home to a countertop full of dishes, but if you're going to be home for the day, why use a brand new glass everytime you make yourself a drink?  Just rinse it out and reuse.

  • I hate the dishes as well more than ANYTHING, I'd rather clean a toilet! LOL
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