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Poll: Roll Call and One Thing

Okay - if you are here you have to say HERE and then tell us all something that has happened to you today (good, bad, wierd, etc) ... We need to get this party started already, people!

I will start:

HERE! *waves at the girls*

Not only did I spill coffee all down the front of my shirt this morning (it is now backwards under a cardigan) but while visiting daycare Sophia hit my pants with a nice glob of spit up - I think today was Sweet Potatoes.

I am the STAIN MONSTER! Muahahahahahaha!

NEXT!!!! Wink

My little sweethearts...
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Re: Poll: Roll Call and One Thing

  • HERE!

    I've been eating like a little piggie today. Just when I'm ready to get back on the WW wagon we have to have a party here at work for the boss' birthday! Yeah I could have tried to resist, but I'm sorry pastelitos win every freaking time. 

  • HERE...hi mel!!!

    So I had to go to Downtown today. "Oh my God I am going to get mugged" were my exact thoughts. I don't know how some of you can work there. I was freaked out having to walk through those streets. And not only that, the parking SUCKS!!! I found a space almost 10 blocks from where I had to go. I think I'm going to have to get me a taser or something. Ah, never again!!!

    ok, done b!tching!!! How is everyone else??


  • Here - HI!

    I have way toooo much work to do, am nervous about getting it all done.

    On the plus side I decided to get the Honda Accord and am really excited about it. It will be my first car with a sunroof!

  • Here!

    A side from my spending spree Zip it!...I've been searching online for plane fares to go to NJ. DH's good friend is getting married in July. If anyone has any good deals, please holla! Cool

  • I'm physically here.....mentally well that's another story. lol

     Let's see what can I say about today? Well I have the worst tummy aches and feel like going home. Yesturday dh and I got Mario Kart Wii and I'm looking forward to playing that. woohoo!!

  • Here Yes

    My pants are too tight and I want to go home to rip them OFF! Surprise 

  • HERE!  Hi!  image

    Was supposed to start back on WW today.  Just ate a chicken sandwich from Wendys...with fries.  I dunno certainly wasn't satisfying.



    Jason & Patricia 5/28/06


  • Here!

    I'm the only person here at work today. Everyone else is at meetings so I've been hanging out on the board while getting my work done. I like it nice and quiet. 

  • I'm here! ::Waving hand!::

    Well, my baby has the hiccups right now which is making my belly thump away. She always has the hiccups-sometimes 3-4 times a day. It's just so bizzare to think there is something living in there!

    image ~Jennifer Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • HERE Yes

    Just found out how much a portable potty is and don't want to spend so much money ... but having these men do their business inside my house ... ughhhh ... Ick!

  • HEREYes

    Well, I'm still here on bedrestStick out tongue

    My baby shower was on Sunday and I had the best time ever!!!! (I willl post pictures as soon as I get them!!) glucose tolerance test came back high yesterday and I had it repeated Zip it! Hopefully, tonight I can start going through and organizing some of the baby's gifts tonight when DH gets homeBig Smile  


    ~~Givette~~ Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
  • Hello!

    I forgot my textbook this morning which made me super cranky all day since I have a final tomorrow. Ugh!

  • Here, in and out. 

    Day 2 of unemployment.  My sister leaves tomorrow to Spain for 3 wks (I am so jealous)... so I accompanied her to run some errands and buy last minute items.  Now, off to clean the house.

    Johanna, I so want to play Mario Kart!  My sister is letting us borrow her Wii while she's gone and I am considering buying it for her, so we can play it now.  But we need another controller too.  Still thinking.

    -- Jackie
    "If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane" -- Jimmy Buffett Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • HERE!!!!

     Our fax/copier/scanner/printer BROKE!!! And I need a VERY important fax to come in. URGH why does this happen to me.

  • Here!

    I was drinking coffee this morning during period 1 lecture and some went up my nose.  I don't even know how it happened but I had to struggle to get a tissue and cover it up.  I don't think any of my students noticed, but I had to try really hard not to laugh. 

    image Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • Here!

     I just came back from IHOP and not only did I eat eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast, but I ate half of hubby's chocolate chip pancakes too lol. Thank god I can blame the bulging tummy on the baby ;)

  • hey girls!  i'm here :)  i'm the newbie moving down there in a couple weeks, so today has been pretty exciting - I told my office and my Jacksonville Nest girls that we're leaving - it was so sad!  But you ladies all seem awesome, so i'm excited for our move now!  yay!

    ~ Jenni

  • Here :)

    I didn't go to the ofice today because I had a work Seminar all day and met some pretty cool people.



  • oh it would be totally fun to have a double date Wii night. We have two controllers and stearing wheels. I'll let you know how it is, I am soo looking forward to it.
  • I'm here today... but sad.  Hubby's grandmother passed away yesterday.  She was the same age as my grandmother that died in January. Sad 
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