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Menstrual cups for really heavy periods?

The last couple of cycles, my period has been so incredibly heavy that I have to constantly empty my diva cup and it leaks quite a bit too.  It fuckingsucks.  I have an IUD and just started having regular periods recently (I'm still nursing my 14 month old).  I had no issues with my diva between my two pregnancies (also with IUD).  

I switched to heavy tampons for now, hopefully it works ok.  

(and yes, I have the size 2 diva.  I wish they made a size 3.  omg, that is so wrong and pathetic, lol) 

Re: Menstrual cups for really heavy periods?

  • Wish I had a suggestion - I am in a similar boat. Last cycle I gave up. I love the diva cup but not when it leaks constantly =(
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  • Have you tried the larger size cup?  I have heavy flow and it doesn't leak as long as i empty it often enough...

    ETA: I didn't see that you have tried the second size already.

    Maybe you just need a new diva cup (i.e., the one you have could be worn out/misshapen/etc.), or a different menstrual cup altogether.

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  • If my cycle changed so drastically all of a sudden, especially while still nursing, I'd make an appointment with my ob/gyn to talk things over. Doesn't sound normal to me. The first day of my cycle, I have to empty the Diva every two hours or so, otherwise it leaks. After that day, it's fine.


  • Mine is also very heavy and I empty every hour.  The Lunette cup leaks less often than the Diva did for me.  The Diva and I just didn't get along.  I still wear a liner with the Lunette, but now I can actually leave the house while using it, and can empty it work, etc.  The Diva was always a massive mess.
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