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If you have lost a considerable amount of weight - what is your exercise routine like?

I have about 30+ lbs that I need to lose.  I have been trying to do 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weight 4-5 times a week.  I know that exercise is only part of the equation and I am working on figuring out calorie needs, etc, but I am wondering if I am not doing enough exercise.


Re: If you have lost a considerable amount of weight - what is your exercise routine like?

  • I run for about 35 minutes 2-3 weeks and then do one long run for at least an hour during the week.

    I've lost almost 75lbs, but I was actually losing more quickly before I started running so much because I counted calorie (points) more carefully.


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  • The exercise sounds fine, maybe more than needed.  IMHO the point of exercise is to be able to "maintain" the exercise over a long period of time.  For me, I would love to think I could workout for 4+x per week 2 hours a day.

    The reality is, maybe I have between 90-180hours per week I could reasonably do, and maintain.

    What is your average caloric intake so far? 



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  • I lost 90 lbs after ds was born (I have craptastic pregnancies). I worked out 45-60 min cardio 4-5x/week, weights 2x.

    I've heard you need 45 minutes of exercise 5 days a week for it to be a factor in losing.

    Now I'm back trying to lose again after dd. working out about the same as before. It's coming off and I am losing inches/toning, although the numbers on the scale aren't dropping quite as quickly as before. See my post above re halloween candy for why.

    ETA: For weights workouts, I do two full-body workouts, about 40-45 minutes each, usually split into 40 20-25 minute sessions each week (upper body one day, lower the next).

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  • I was running about 20 miles a week and lifting for an hour 2 times a week when I started dropping serious pounds.  I've lost 40.  I also counted calories like a fiend to teach myself what a certain amount of calories "felt" like for a day.

    I'm able to keep it off by running about 17-20 miles per week (for now) and still lifting twice a week.  I don't count calories anymore, though.  I taught myself to do that automatically, I guess. 

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  • I have lost 55 pounds and kept it off by exercising (cardio) for at least 60-70 minutes 4-5 times a week plus strength training 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes. I mix up my cardio through running and various classes at my local gym - cycling, sports conditioning, treadmill intervals, core classes, yoga, etc.

    ETA - tracking calories has been very important in helping to maintain my weight loss.

  • Some people have a harder time than others losing weight.  The ONLY way for me to lose weight is to eat less and make sure that what I am eating is healthy.  I can run 35 miles a week and will absolutely gain weight if I don't eat right.  Exercise has an impact on how I feel and it's good for my heart and health, but for me weight loss is 99% food. 


  • I think you probably need to lift more, heavier, and for longer periods. Add in some high intensity intervals instead of steady state.

    My routine:

    Monday-- long intervals on the bike @hr 145 (right now, 2 x 15')

    Tuesday-- I teach kettle bells classes, so basically high intensity intervals

    Wednesday-- off

    Thursday-- same as Tuesday

    Friday-- lift heavy, full body, usually 70-90 minutes total

    Saturday-- short intervals on the bike, @hr 160 (right now, 10 x 1' on / 90" off)

    Sunday-- same as Friday

    (and I've lost about 60 pounds, but some of that was pregnancy weight)

  • Exercise has an impact on how I feel and it's good for my heart and health, but for me weight loss is 99% food. 

    This is me, too.

    I've lost -51 since Feb with no exercise


    IknowIknow...I'll start doing better...

  • I have lost almost 70 pounds, and I did it with very sporadic exercise. It really is mostly about eating healthy and expending more calories than you are taking in. You can try to do that with exercise, but if you don't watch what you eat as well, it won't work.
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  • I have lost about 45 lbs since January (so it is coming off slowly, just the way I wanted because I want to be sure it sticks). I have about 32-42 more to go. Exercise is important and I love knowing that it is making me healthier and stronger. It is nice to burn those extra calories too. However, I can tell you that if I eat like crap, no amount of exercise helps me see a loss on the scale. You absolutely have to keep your diet in check - healthy foods, sensible portions. Also be careful not to eat too little. That is another thing that causes me to get stuck sometimes.

     Oh and my main source of exercise is running/jogging. I do other things, but running is my main go-to. When I started, I couldn't even jog for 10 seconds on the treadmill without feeling like dying. Now, I can go outside for a 3.5 mile jog and be fine.

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  • Thanks everyone.  I have been tracking my food for the last few weeks and I am easily eating about 2700 calories...yikes!  The sad part is I do fine all day because I plan everything out and then I get home at night and it all goes downhill....I'll have a glass of wine and ice cream after dinner which is all just empty calories.  I really need to get my eating in check and maybe the saving grace part of having no power since Saturday night was all the ice cream in the freezer melted so now I don't have the tempation.  I also broke out my old food scale last night to start weighing and measuring my dinner because I know I am eating too much in the meat and carbs department and probably not enough veggies.  The good part is DH and I talked last night and he wants to lose weight too so we're going to do this together.
  • I lost the first 35 lbs by changing my diet and watching my portions.  I started in January and didn't start exercising until July.  Now, I run 5-10 miles a week and started the 30DS this month.  I count calories too which is really helpful.  Exercise is great, but diet is more important.  Good luck!
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