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How do you "un fabric soften" clothes?

odd question I know!  I just went through our next batch of hand-me-down kids clothes and DS's skin can't do fabric softner.  I washed them once so far with vinegar in the downey ball, but I can still feel the fabric softner on them. 


Re: How do you "un fabric soften" clothes?

  • Sorry, my suggestion was going to be vinegar.  Did you notice if it got any better (so maybe doing it multiple times)?
  • Try doing a second rinse.
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  • We have the same problem, it takes about 5 washes to get the heavy perfume smell out.  I use vinegar instead of softener, wash and dry 4-5 times.  
  • There is a special laundry detergent sold at sporting goods stores (like D ick's). Wicking type fabrics don't work with fabric softener so the product advertising says it will remove that type of residue. I still think it's a rip-off (because it is really pricey) and vinegar should remove it. Maybe add about 1-2 cups in the wash cycle.
  • With cloth diapers sometimes you have to "strip" them of detergent build-up and it's with hot water and blue Dawn dishwashing liquid- just a tablespoon of Dawn and then you rinse them until you get no suds. 

    good luck!  

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  • Vinegar soak.  Soak clothing in straight vinegar for 24 hours then wash without any fabric softener. 
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