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good halloween morning!

hello nesties! how was everyones weekend? i went out to the melting pot (finally!) with a friend on friday night...we unknowingly sat there for just over 3.5 was such a good time. i had originally planned on stopping by bellevue square after dinner...but the first time i had checked the time during dinner, it was already 10:15. oops! it was so much fun to just sit and chitchat though, sans-boys.

saturday we went out to lunch with h's cousin and my cousin to go visit my grandparents at the cemetary. surprisingly, it was very fun, haha. i like spending time with my "little" cousin (6'+, 20 yrs old).. then at night we went to a friends halloween party followed by my (other) cousins halloween party...i'm way too old for parties haha..i spent half of my time at my cousins party on the couch, ready to pass out..and it was pre-12am.

sunday was nice and relaxing..nothing until the late evening when we picked up my parents from the airport. i'm keeping the kitty hostage. what demands do you think i should make?
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Re: good halloween morning!

  • I'm super tired.  I have cleaning and exercising to do and I don't want to.  I just want to nap - really bad.  And eat treats.

    Friday night, we had a family over for pizza and a movie.  The kids wore their costumes and it was pretty fun.  

    Saturday, Tillman had a board breaking fundraiser for karate.  He raised $150 and broke 15 boards.  

    Sunday, we ended up shopping for an outfit for Tman to get his pictures made in (tomorrow).  I was so wiped out from that.  We also went to church.  

    This morning, after dropping Tman off at school, I stopped into the dollar store for some tea lights for the jack-o-lanterns.  I am wearing a big wool coat, black yoga pants, my hair is wet (I look like a mess, yes), and I did some crazy eyeliner this morning for fun for Tman.  There were punk high schoolers in there, and they were like, "Look, she's already dressed up" and laughed at me.  I know I looked a mess, but seriously, it's the dollar store.  It stung for a second, but Tillman liked it, so who cares what the punks thing.  ANYWAY...

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  • Happy Halloween! I'm so happy that it isn't raining. Gorgeous day.

    I'm excited for my daughter's classroom party. The kids get crazy for Halloween. The whole school is buzzing.


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  • hi!  super busy day at work, but glad I didn't have to worry about bringing lunch because there is a halloween pizza party!
  • Morning! I'm hoping this turns out to be a good week. It's a 4 day week for me since I'm taking Friday off as a mental health day and heading to Tulalip for a company event with DH. 

    Other than me filling up the candy jar with Halloween candy today - you can't even tell it's Halloween around here :( 

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  • Morning!

    I'm so excited, I get to go trick or treating with my nephews! :) I can't wait to see them in their costumes!!!

    There is sooooo much candy at work today. I haven't had one piece! Some one gave us each homemade sugar cookies with frosting and I took a piece and gave the rest to my little brother (who works at my job now!). I felt good about my self control.

    I started reading Room last night. It's interesting so far. Thanks for the advice girls!

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  • had a halloween party at our house on Saturday night which meant cleaning and cooking all day.  I drank way too much hard A and not enough water at the end of the night so I had a pretty lazy day Sunday.  We did clean up 95% of the mess though so i consider that a success. 

     I plan to exercise my butt off before going to work today. Hopefully we get a bunch of trick o treaters at work, love those dressed up kiddos!

  • Happy Halloween!

    Nothin' much goin' on here. We went to a party this past Saturday (and are going to another Halloweeny one this COMING Saturday), which was a lot of fun; I'll post pics once I become less lazy, lol.

    Today, I need to do some cleaning. It's Halloween, which means November starts tomorrow, which means it'll soon be time for us to host NaNoWriMo write-ins! :D Woo! I love November. <3

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  • Happy Halloween!  My weekend was craaa-zaaay, in a good way.  So busy with socializing and having fun with friends.  But it certainly made getting up for work this morning harder than usual.

    WOW, there were a lot of posts this weekend.  I'm still trying to catch up!

    This Saturday will be a big game for the Huskies --- Oregon.... time to start "Duck Hunting!"

    What do the Oregon Ducks and pot have in common?




    Answer: They both get smoked in bowls!

    After the Husky win this last weekend, the Huskies are now officially Bowl Eligible! Party!!!

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  • happy halloween!

    we did a joint costume at work today. I did everyone's zombie make-up.


  • Happy lunch time!

    H and I are trying to do something every other day. Today is a stay home and relax day. We will try to go for a walk with Hailey later.

    Yesterday we had people over for football.  Gotta go, baby crying.

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  • Busy busy morning at work, things are finally slowing down. We also went to the melting pot this weekend but on Saturday. yum!

    We bought candy last year and didn't have a single trick or treater and we finally live in a neighborhood with TONS of kids, so I'm excited to get home and see all the neighborhood kiddies in their costumes!

  • Happy Halloween!

    This is my first day of posting on TN!

    I just got married in September (I know Larz from the September brides board :P) and am on the fb Seattle brides page, but I figured I would try this out since TK keeps wanting to kick my butt over here...

    So here I am.


  • Good evening! I just got home from work. Since I work in a mall, we had trick or treaters from 5-7. There were a lot of cute costumes! We didn't pass out candy, but free mini comics. The kids loved them! And a lot of the parents.

    Not much happened over the weekend, which is pretty normal. Smile

    Have a good evening everyone!

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