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NaNo survival kit

What will you have with you while you write? Any favortie snacks, drinks, music, etc.?

Do you have a specific place where you will write?

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Re: NaNo survival kit

  • I usually have pop while I'm writing. It'll probably be Cherry Coke this week. That's what we have in the fridge right now. I'm not a big snacker while I write. I like to keep my fingers busy writing. Wink

    I'll probably write in a few different places. Most of my writing will probably take place on the couch in my living room. I'll also probably write in our home office or bedroom.

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  • I love this :) 

    I will have my NaNo playlist on at all times, and before I write I have a habit of making coffee with Caffe Mocha creme. I don't usually snack.Then I turn the air down really low, lock the office door and settle down to write at my desk.  

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  • My little writing spot is the "business end" of my couch snuggled under a blanket. If I'm sitting at the other end of the couch, I'm hanging out with the family, watching TV or internet surfing, but if I'm at this end I've trained myself to get down to business. 

    I usually just have water when I write since it's usually at night or a coffee of some sort if it's during Archer's naps on the days when I'm not teaching.  

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  • I'm going to load up on clearance Halloween candy tomorrow. Sugar is my best friend when I'm writing!
  • It really depends on what night it is. If Brett is at work, I am usually in the living room with the laptop and Gilmore Girls on DVD. If he is home, I am either on the couch with him reading or watching TV or I'm on the iMac in the kitchen if he wants to watch something that will distract me.

    We usually have some sort of nightly snack (usually homemade, love my wannabe chef hubby!) but outside of that I probably won't have anything but water or a DDP because I'm still working on shedding a few pounds.

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  • I bought an exercise/yoga ball last year and used that at our coffee table. Helped my back a lot. I'm also setting aside a half hour every day to write, no matter what. I may go buy a coffee pot. Ours broke last holiday season and we never replaced it, but I'm thinking it might be a good purchase. My hubs and I are gonna go to Ace this weekend to look at furniture for our patio. I spent the weekend cleaning it up and if we can find some comfy loungers, I'd like to be able to write out there since it's so night and mild right now.


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  • Diet Coke or water, depending on time of day, but I'm contemplating adding some yummy tea to the mix. I also like to have Halloween candy on hand as a reward "Finish 500 words and I can have a Milky Way!"  I usually write either in my brown chair in the living room, upstairs in bed, or sometimes I go downstairs to my desk.
  • I have coffee/tea, music, and some kind of snack. I usually write at the library or my desk.

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  • I write in my home office (DH and I don't have kids or a lot of OOT guests, so in our 3 bedroom house, two bedrooms are offices -- one for me, one for him).

    I will be drinking ice water, coffee, and/or Diet Coke.

    I don't snack much when I write unless it's super crunch time. So, the last week of November, I will be hoovering Goldfish Crackers.

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