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IT: SK overall wonderfulness :)

I think what I liked best about this book is on one page, you have creepy yummy goodness, and then on the next page you are laughing out loud with the one liners SK throws at you.  It is a really a testament to his versatility.  

I just love how SK captures that innocence and heart of being a child.   

Was their anything in particular you liked about SK's writing or style? 


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Re: IT: SK overall wonderfulness :)

  • ?What can be done when you?re eleven can often never be done again.?

    I think this idea is what I love most about IT. When you are a kid, everything seems possible. Your friends are the best people ever, you can imagine yourself doing anything, you feel invincible and you dream BIG. We lose that magic and fearlessness as we get older. SK makes that so clear. Obviously, he has been able to retain some of it and I feel that by reading his books we can all recapture at least a small part of that magic. There are real monsters in the world and sometimes kids know the best way to defeat them.

    I also agree with June, that I love how you can be terrified, then grossed out, then laughing out loud.


  • I love that he was able to write from the perspective of so many different types of people, ages, and experiences, and they were all so realistic and believeable.

    I love his imagery and how he appeals to all of your senses when you read. His descriptions blew me away.

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