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random clicky

I always get emails and things in the mail from the alumni association at my undergrad university.  I always just toss/delete because well, I'm not giving them any more money right now!  But realistically, I don't have an interest in donating to the university ever - I just don't get it.  When I do donate money it's usually some sort of charity and if I ever did donate to something related to my undergrad, it would be to a scholarship fund (like, I would go find a specific one that I knew gave the money to students in need etc).  Am I the weird one or would you someday donate to your undergrad?*

*I just realized that maybe I would consider this if I went to a small private school or something, where I felt a more personal connection. 


Re: random clicky

  • I'm a college dropout. :D So they don't mail me anything. If they did, I'd probably set it on fire. (The mail, not the college; flying back to Philadelphia to set it ablaze would be satisfying, but ultimately not worth it.)

    The husband gets a lot of stuff from UMich, though; I recycle it all.

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  • If I was asked to donate directly to the program I participated in for a scholarship or something I would. I would never just send money to a large university.  

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  • I went to a small private college for undergrad, and I feel that my $32,000 in yearly tuition was all the money they will see from me...

     I did my master's at a big state school, and if they took alum feedback better, I'd be all for donating to my specific school/program within the larger university, but I feel until they start listening to alum on the types of things that they need to make changes to within the program, then nope.

    Not to mention, that I agree.  If I want to give my money away, it's going to be for a charity, and I don't see a unversity sponsored by the government as a charity.

  • I would and I do.

    I went to UCLA, and received one of the few merit based scholarships given out by the UC system. The scholarship also involved service for the university, so since I started school, I've been very active with the alumni association. The scholarship made it so that along with my summer internships and work during the school year, I didn't need to take out any loans for school.

    I'm now active with our alumni association up here. I give money to the scholarship itself that I received money from, our general fund, and our Seattle group is starting a scholarship fund for a Washington state student so once that gets funded, I'll make a donation to them as well.

  • Also, my university isn't the only organization I give to, it's just one of the many. I think it's important to give back to my local community as well.  

  • I voted that I would consider it.  I would probably limit it to donations within departments from which DH and I graduated, and athletics (Tyee football tickets for example).
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  • I voted SS...because you didn't give the answer that matches what you even commented you would do :D Which is what I would school gives lots of scholarships, so if I were to donate, it would be to one of the scholarship funds.
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  • image KST_:
    I voted SS...because you didn't give the answer that matches what you even commented you would do :D Which is what I would school gives lots of scholarships, so if I were to donate, it would be to one of the scholarship funds.

    lol  well, I was just asking whether people would send back that alumni envelope.  And honestly, I'm not even sure I would do a scholarship thing unless it was like, a friend who died and one was set up in their name or something.  In general, I would rather send all the money I do donate to charities (not saying scholarships aren't important, it's just not where I want to put my money).

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