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speaking of celeb pregnancies

did anyone see the interview with Beyonce a couple of weeks ago where supposedly her bump "collapsed"? i'm sure it was a trick of the eye or something but it was pretty funny because it did look kind of like it folded. people were saying she isn't pregnant and is faking the whole thing and they gave various theories on why... she's probably not faking but on the other hand i believe there are celebs that do for various reasons have others carry their babies and pretend they are pregnant to keep it a secret. example: rachel zoe. she was pregnant on her show but you could still see every single bone in her chest. either she was malnourished or it was fake. especially because i have trouble believing she's 39. she certainly doesn't look it (more like 49).

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Re: speaking of celeb pregnancies

  • i haven't seen that. i think it's sad that people actually fake it. losers.

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  • I just googled that - how strange! If you were using a surrogate why not just say it?

    Some girl last week said maybe Jessica Simpson is Beyonce's surrogate and I totally didn't get the joke until right now. 

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  • I hadn't heard of that example, but I had heard people say they thought she was faking it. 

    Wasn't Sarah Jessica's surrogate stalked and her home broken into?  Maybe they just don't want that and are trying to keep her and the baby safe.... 

  • I had read more along the lines that she was indeed pregnant but actually only the same as me.  When she announced at whatever awards show she was only 2 months but said she was further so she had to wear a fake belly (and that's why in that interview it collapsed) they showed her a few days after that awards ceremony on the beach and she had a tiny pouch but nothing like she looked at the awards show.

    I think it's risky if she was only 2 months to announce like that but understand her wanting to keep them guessing in a way.

    If indeed she does have a surrogate granted yes people did stalk SJP's but it could get out just the same and why go on with the act just say you have a surrogate.

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  • Ok I'm glad I googled it before I commented. It wasn't at all what I expected lol. I am kind of surprised her "people" didn't pay off that news station to not air the part with her sitting down. 

    Originally when I read this post I thought of when my step mother was pregnant with my little sister. She would roll all the way to one side of my step mothers womb and half of her bump would cave in, but it didn't look anything like that. 

    People choose surrogates for many different reasons. Same as Jessica Simpson not announcing her pregnancy I am fine with Beyonce choosing to make people believe she is pregnant vs using a surrogate. It just opens a whole can of worms for her to answer that she shouldn't have to answer. That being said you;d think she and her team would be more careful about it.  


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