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What are you doing?

I'm at the office. I have so much work to do but for some reason I'm avoiding it. I think I should get to it soon, or I will be worried all weekend.
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Re: What are you doing?

  • I am at work except I have accomplished almost nothing today.  I have been goofing off online all morning.


  • I am at work... watching Grey's Anatomy LOL.  Getting ready to go to lunch and get my nails done and get a pedicure though :-)
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  • Im watching RHOA reruns and surfing the web. I should be practicing my presentation for my biology class tonight but....Im not. Also Im waiting for my dining room table to arrive squeeeeee!


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  • I just got home from the zoo. I had to shower and change real quick so I can go get my hair highlighted. I didn't want to walk into the salon smelling like the zoo!! I have a few extra mins to kill before I leave the house again. 

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  • sitting, half dressed, trying to gain momentum to get out of the house. It's my friend's bday, and the trek without a car is pretty long (2 trains, a boat, and a bus.. just over an hour as opposed to a 20 min drive) I schlepped around yesterday in the rain, and would prefer to avoid going out today in the cold. I'm also dreading a party I got suckered into attending tonight. It's a 90's theme. Shoot me. I have a friend OBSESSED with the decade. I thought about getting a blonde wig and fake blood and going as Kurt Cobain, post mortem, but that likely won't go over well. J was going to attend with me, but has backed out as always.
  • I'm at work trying to be productive... I don't want to be though.  I wish they'd let us go home early.  Everyone is so antsy to get out of here.
  • sitting here not doing anything as well...I need to blog like 4 blogs so hopefully I can get that done.

    Reading that nurse ghost story board that nola posted the other week haha

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  • I am washing a lot of clothes today and putting all my non-maternity winter stuff away (I sorted out some of the stuff that will work, like bigger sweaters and cardigans, etc. Other than that, not much! I have Thurs-Fri off which has been nice!

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  • i was up late updating my iphone last night. it totally crashed my phone so i left it but i was worried i wouldn't wake up in time for yoga since i didn't have my iphone as my alarm. so i woke myself up super early with my paranoia of not waking up in time, and after being up late and i'm sleepy now. i am "working" sort of and i just finished watching days of our lives. now nate berkus is on and i need to change it. i should probably shower, too.
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