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Okie ladies...I'm getting tired of the bcp and taking it every. single. day.  I also think it may be affecting my sex drive.  And I'm considering switching to the NuvaRing.  Is anyone out there using the Nuva Ring?  Do you like it?  Any issues?  

The other reason I would like to switch is so that when we do decide to get preggers there isn't a 3 month delay before we can actually "try."  (ick...I hate that term! lol!)  I think that this is one of the options where you don't have to wait.  Right?

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Re: NuvaRing?

  • I'm currently pregnant, but when not, use the Nuva Ring. I started using it about 5 years ago, with a break in there for pregnancy 1. So yeah, no wait! Can definitely get pregnant pretty quickly. I loved not having to remember to take the pill. I also left it in continuously, so no period, which was awesome. BUT - it totally killed my sex drive. Maybe it varies person to person? But my libido was gone. I'm actually debating whether I will go back on it after baby 2 for that very reason. Otherwise I absolutely loved it. Less mood swings, no skin issues, etc.
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  • I used the nuvaring for years on and off but this last time i used it,it gave me dryness during sex and severe migraines. On the other hand its easy to use!! Just my experience!!
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  • I just recently switched to the NuvaRing and I love it.  It is easy to use and has not given me any problems.  I have found it much more convienent than the pill now that I have gotten so busy. 
  • I used the NuvaRing for a few years and loved it.  If I were going to use hormonal birth control again, it would certainly be my choice.

    The only issue I ever had with it is that it was uncomfortable for me to leave it in during sex - but you can take it out for sex, as long as you put it back in within 3 hours (I always put it back in immediately after sex, like right after the post-sex pee).  But I never had any other side effects from it, and it made my periods nearly non-existant.

    And no, you don't have to wait after discontinuing the Ring to TTC.  Actually, you don't have to with the pill either..........waiting helps you regulate, understand your cycles, and time the pregnancy better, but you still don't have to wait.  #1 was conceived two months after discontinuing the Ring, #2 was conceived the same month I discontinued it (both times on purpose).

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  • I know it affects everyone differently, but it was horrible for me. I could only handle one cycle with it -- it made me SOO dizzy and nauseous to the point where I had trouble walking and doing day-to-day activities. Just a warning! Hope it works out for you, though!
  • Overall I liked it more than bcps.  When I went off of it, I was a raging psycho.  It also killed my sex drive to the point that I could care less about sex.  Other than those two things I liked it.
  • It killed my sex drive and completely dried me out.  Sex became very painful because of the dryness...didn't matter how much lube we used.  I switched back as soon as I realized it was the ring.  After I got the pill back in my system, everything returned to normal.
  • I used it for about 3 years.  no sex drive, verrryyyy dry, it hurt every time we tried to have sex.. it was awful.  and not everyone gets prego right after getting off any kind of BC.  I've been off for 7 months, trying for 5 and nothing.. so don't be too terribly surprised if it doesn't happen quickly.  apparently it can take healthy couples 6-12 months and nothing is "wrong" with them.  Just thought I would share that for when you do decide to "try"
  • That's what I've heard. I'm on the nuva ring now...when I had the "talk" with the doctor she mentioned yo don't have the long correction period that your body will often go through to make it able to concieve again...but then, how would I know...we haven't been trying yet...and I agree with you, I hate that term! (But hey, if you have to "try" at something...this might as well be it. :))
  • I started getting severe cramping and large cysts at the same time I started using it.  Went off, and haven't had abnormal cramping since.  I think it was related.  Maybe it wasn't, but I was on birth control for 10+ years and didn't have problems until I switched to Nuva and the very next month off it, I felt great.

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  • At first, I loved it.  I am someone who ahd big problems forgetting to take my pills, so I loved the convenience of putting it in and forgetting it.  Another plus was that it regulated my periods and helped my menstrual cramps.  That said, it is not totally un-noticable (at least, not for me).  It would slide down to where I would have to push it back in sometimes.  Also, it did dry me out.  Lastly, please direct your attention to my tickers...Happened while on the Nuva Ring.  I realize that it is a majorly huge un-likelyhood, but just saying, it happens.  Having said that though, I think I read that it is the most effective form of hormonal birth control, so if you are curious, I would give it a try and see how you like it for a couple months.
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  • I actually got pregnant when i was on the ring.  I had lots of issues with it.  It would come out during of after sex, and i had severe headaches.  I wouldnt recommend it at all
  • I was on the NuvaRing and I did like how easy and convenient it was, but it made me BSC.  A friend of mine was also on it and she said the same thing.  We both got off of it immediately and back on BCPs. 

     Haven't been crazy since!

  • I think it's worth a try, everyone is affected differently. I have been using it for years and I LOVE it. Sure it slips down a little every once in a while, just poke it back up in there, no big deal. Sometimes my bf needs me to take it out during sex, no problem. I haven't had any side effects at all :)
  • I know you already hear this a couple of times, but for me the ring also made my sex drive go down, I found myself constantly dry down there, even when I wasn't wanting sex, and for me when I switched  out for the next week it took me a day or so to find the "comfortable" spot. But I didn't have much uncomfortableness during sex at all, but it could just depend on your mate's size and your dryness down there at the time. The only reason why I got off of i was because I get bad migraines (not related to nuvaring) and we wanted to see if that may be factor, and really it wasn't, so I got on a low dosage of the pill, to see if that would help with my sex drive and dryness issues (crossing my fingers).

    Good luck!

  • I was on Nuvaring for almost 2 years and I didn't like it at all. It totally killed my sex drive and caused dryness. Plus DH did not like the feel of it. I didn't figure out that the Nuvaring was the cause of my problems until late in the game, and I swear the day I switched off it the symptoms went away. Of course the nice thing is that it's very easy to change your mind and try something else if it doesn't work for you.

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  • i use nuvaring and i love it im not gaining weight im less irritable and not
  • I have been on the nuvaring for years now 4?5?6? somewhere around there. I have never had any problems with it. The pill used to make me sick every time I started a new pack but I have no nausea w/ the nuvaring. I know it isn't for everyone and some people have sever side effects from it, but I would recommend trying it at least. The convenience is sooo nice if it works out for you!
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