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Granite countertops

Anyone have these put in recently?  Any recommendations on where you went/who you used?

Re: Granite countertops

  • marbolis in anaheim is a nice, big stone yard.  they can probably recommend an installer as well.  there's a stretch of street somewhere in anaheim that just had lots of stone yards next to each other.

    for HC + L stone shopping experience, you can try walker zanger in costa mesa.  beware they tend to be moderately high to high-priced and rename their stones so when you call other yards to shop it, the other yards have no idea what you're talking about.  if you find one you really love there, you can ask for a sample and/or take a digital image with you.

     i have a really awesome installer, but he only will work in the valley and LA. :(

  • I am not familiar with Granite and all the ins and outs of it, but I was going to also recommend checking out Caesarstone.  We have it in our showroom here (we don't distribute it thought) but it is very durable. 

     I just pulled out their catalogue and as far as the comparison between the two. 

    Caesarstone is Scratch, stain and crack resistant.  Also resistant to household chemicals, acids and solvents.  Low Maintenance, Nonabsorbent and Nonporous, Mold and Mildew Resistan, Color Consistency, 10 year Residential Warranty. 

    Out of all of those things, it says that Granite is only Scratch Resistant.

    This is just food for thought.  Granite is a very good material and used in many houses.

     As far as where to go.  On State College in Anaheim that whole street is countertop places practically.



  • Tile Mile is in Anaheim on State College between Katella & Ball. We had good luck there when we were browsing during our remodel on our former place... its not HC+L as tater said, but there are a lot of options. :)
  • ah yes, state college is where i was thinking.

    caesarstone is a nice alternative and doesn't have to be sealed as often as granite.  however, all but the more contemporary, less veined/textured patterns and colors look pretty cheesy, IMO.  if you get the honed version of caesarstone (vs. the traditional polished), it is not everything jayme lists up there. also, it's not completely acid-resistant.  also, darker granites will show stains less than light caesarstone.  the lighter caesarstones can stain if you let stuff sit on your countertop for awhile.

  • oh, p.s. - does NOT need to be HC+L. 

    We just want to upgrade a little so our place has better value when we eventually sell it and move (hopefully sooner than later).  So we won't get to enjoy it for very long - thus, I could care less if it's HC+L.

  • yeah, then go state college route.  and forget the caesarstone.  you can find some granites for much cheaper.  absolute black is usually pretty inexpensive, but not sure that's the color/look you're going for.
  • Yes... I wouldn't go for the caesarstone if you wont be able to enjoy it long.  I hear it's pretty expensive.

    There are alot of granites that look nice and are fairly cheap out there.  My CW just got some from some place on State College and didn't spend a fortune on it and it's beautiful!

  • We used Stone expo in Laguna Hills. They have a showroom in the mini mall near Chuck E Cheese at La Paz and Moulton. They did our kitchen and two bathrooms in 1 day.

     Good Luck

  • I'll ask my parents, they are in the business. They make the cleaners and whatnot.
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