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HSV GhostWalk

I keep seeing that Huntsville GhostWalk tour advertised on TV. It is cheap (I think it's $8 per adult) for a 2-hour walk. Does anyone know anything about it? It strikes me as something cheap and easy to do with my honey (plus it's a great excuse to cuddle up to him!) but I don't want to waste my time if it's lame. We were thinking of doing it sometime in early/mid October to set up Halloween.

 Speaking of was awful up here last year. I moved to AL on the 10th of October and was pretty disappointed over the lack of events. When I asked about it I was just told, "Yeah...welcome to the Bible Belt!"

-AshLilee Anniversary

Re: HSV GhostWalk

  • I've never heard of the HSV Ghostwalk.  Where'd you see this?  It is pretty scarce here for events but one reason is because there doesn't seem to be enough interest.  There's enough people who say they're interested but when it comes time to do something, volunteer, or pay $, nobody wants to do it.  A group called Huntsville Young Professionals try to have a Halloween party every year in downtown and the bars join in. 

     There are all kinds of haunted fields/houses around here if you're willing to go to them.  That's easy to find through Google.  And Birmingham has the Sloss Furnace haunted furnace every year.  People stand in line and tailgate for that.  

     The only suggestion I have is to get involved.  

  • I've been seeing the HSV GhostWalk advertised on television. They've been pushing it really hard, my guess is because fall is coming in and that means Halloween! We moved up to Decatur from FL at the end of last year. Now that the move has settled down and we're back to work and in a normal routine we're always looking for things to do. I've made plans to go to the HSV Botanical Gardens for the Scare Crow Trail at the end of Sept. and the WWII Quilts exhibit at the Museum of Art and then Decatur is doing a Civil War thing at the Princess Theatre here (a few themed movies and then an acting troupe is performing excerpts from a journal kept my a Civil War soldier) but the GhostWalk intrigued me for Halloween, even if it's cheesy. I saw a HSV Haunted House through Google and one in BHM. I'm not sure which one we will end up going to. HSV is closer but I've heard more things about BHM.
    -AshLilee Anniversary
  • Hey ladies!  I've never done the Huntsville Ghost Walk but I'm definitely trying it this year.  I've really not heard much about it but when I lived over there, I'd see the group touring around downtown.

    As far as other Halloween activities, you kind of have to dig and usually drive to the fun events.  The Botanical Gardens Scare Crow Trail is really cute and a fun fall event.  Other than that, there are always tons of haunted houses around.  I think there's one out in Killen that was supposed to be really good last year (Graystone Manor I think).  I"m not sure if they'll be coming back this year or not.  Sloss Furnace may be the one you're referring toin Bham.  It's not worth the drive IMO.  There are closer ones that are better.

    Also, the haunted corn mazes are always a lot of fun.  I'm not sure who is having them this year, in the past, they had one in Priceville and one in the Cullman area.


    Charlie and Carmen - furbabies!

  • I saw the HSV GhostWalk on Facebook this weekend.  It is HYP.  There are a lot of random Haunted Houses and barns and hay rides around Huntsville.  I've never been to Sloss Furnace even though I lived in Bham for 2 years.  I hear it's a lot of hype.  There's always Tate Farms for a fun day at a pumpkin patch. or the HSV Times usually have articles 2nd week of Oct but that may be too late to make plans.  Here are some websites to check out:,040All_50_States,041/Alabama/

    The last two websites are lists from last year but it doesn't hurt to check back.  I didn't know about the Civil War Quilts.  Thanks for telling me :-)  

  • If ya'll are still interested, there is a haunted house in Leeds,Al. Atrox factory. It's suppose to be one of the largest indoor haunted houses in the southeast. I'm nit sure if they have a web-site, but I am sure you could google it. (not sure if Leeds is even close for any of ya'll...but it's worth a shot.)
  • I'm going to try to continue to post stuff that is hapenning around North AL but I wanted to address MrsBH's comment about Atrox Factory so that everybody has the info.  The website is:  Unfortunately, it won't load right now for me so here's an article about it from 2009:

    According to Google maps, Leeds is 2.5 hours away from Hvil.  

     My friend from TN is coming down to Killen, AL for a haunted house called Graystone Manor.

    According to Google maps, Killen is 1 hour away from Hvil. 

    This weekend in Huntsville there is Southern Hopsitality on Friday night.  You have to buy tickets.

     If you have access to the Huntsville Times, try to get the "GO" portion.  This has the bands listed for each night of the upcoming week at the different locations in town.  

  • I've seen the ads for the ghost walk, but haven't personally done it.  Look up Disturbia on FB.  I haven't been to that one either, but it got a lot of hype last year.  It's apparently ranked like number 19 in the whole country.
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  • My hubby & I have done the Ghost Walk!  We're both from the area, so it was fun listening to all of the ghost stories that we last heard 15 years ago!  :)

    Makes a great date night activity!  Eat a meal & a glass of vino before you depart & you'll be set!
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