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Favourite Budget (but good quality) workout gear?

I am really going to start getting my butt to the gym daily so I have to get some workout gear. I've heard people on here suggest Costco. Is it good stuff?? Where else would you recommend for workout gear? I'm in Canada so we don't have Target or Kohl's. 


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Re: Favourite Budget (but good quality) workout gear?

  • Old Navy usually has some reasonably priced workout clothes.  I like their yoga pants.
  • I get all my workout gear from Old Navy or GAP when it's on sale or I have a coupon. Some of the stuff I have from Old Navy is 5+ years old and going strong. 
    ETA: I buy all my sports bras from Kohls (I like champion bras) - I wait for a sale and a coupon, then I stock up.
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  • Our Costco had some Champion pants and long sleeved shirts on sale a few weeks ago and I wish I had gotten some.  I have a pair of Nike shorts that I really like that were only about $20.  Old Navy has great stuff too.  I feel like there's always something on sale on their website.
  • I have a couple items from Costco that I really like. One is a tank top that looks and feels just like a Lululemon top. Another is a Champion brand long sleeve with thumb holes. It's nice and long. Problem with Costco is that at mine at least, they only have things for a few months tops. My favorite sports bras are from Costco - Champion brand double dry, but they don't have them anymore :(

    I have bought quite a bit of Nike stuff at in their clearance section. I get emails with coupon codes and a lot of times you can get 25% off clearance. I know my size in their stuff, but if you don't you could try on similar things at a sporting goods store.

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  • I buy a lot of stuff from Old Navy.
  • Tuff Athletic is the brand that has been sold at Costco that is really super.  I don't have a Costco so I found mine on eBay.  I bought a jacket that is really nice - $16.00 shipped.  Thumbholes, ipod pocket with headphone hole, gorgeous material.  Very comparable to LLL.  I absolutely love it.
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  • I'm digging the stuff I've gotten from Costco. I've steadily built a new workout wardrobe one to two pieces per shopping trip.
  • I've gotten a fair amount of Adidas stuff from Costco for pretty cheap.  Do they have Sports Authority in Canada?  They always seem to have good sales going on. 
  • Most of my stuff in C9 from Target...and I've had a lot of it for a few years now. Although I would avoid their "seamless" sports bras - the bottom band doesn't stay elastic-y as long as the ones with an actual band of elastic.

    I have their shorts, sports bras, tanks, tshirt, capris, pants and socks...on occasion I'm basically a walking billboard!

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  • I just recently got a bunch of running shorts and skorts from JCPenney that I really like. They are comfy, stretchy and don't ride up. I also have quite a bit of C9 from Target.
  • I love love love my compression capris from Old Navy. I'm a chubby girl so I didn't think I'd look good in tight capris, but I've had several people say they are flattering. Love them so much that I bought a pair in every color and now they're the only bottoms I will wear.
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