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Odd question maybe...

This morning DH shared with me that he was scared he would not be attracted to me when I got pregnant. He's having a hard time seeing his sister pregnant (although she's way too open about showing her bare stomach and trying to force him to touch it, etc.). But now I'm starting to get scared that he won't be able to look at me the same way or find me attractive.  

I know I might get flamed for sounding superficial, and I'm not even pregnant so I shouldn't really worry about this at this point. But we have so many INs pregnant right now, so I was wondering, were any of you slightly scared that your H would see you differently? Did you actually see any change in your H?

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Re: Odd question maybe...

  • Strange IN telepathic powers batman!  My FFFC is about this same thing.  I am hating the way I look right now. 

    Although DH says he thinks I am beautiful, I feel that is just something good husbands say. And boy is my husband a good one. I think there is no way he can be attracted to this new big belly and stretch marks.  Our sex life has slowed down significantly and I'm sure a lot of factors play into that fact, but I can't help but to think it has something to do with my pregnant body. 

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  • I saw a lot of changes in my DH when I was pregnant. He was still very much turned on, some ways even more so, and we still had sex up until when I puked on him during sexy time at the end of my first trimester.

    Once we started a family, I found that through my pregnancy he started to view me a bit differently - it's hard to explain, but it was kind of a bonding experience for us.

    I think that his sister is being very strange and I can see why that would be putting him off. It will be different when it is you.


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  • Although I'm feeling huge and not loving the fact that I still have 11 more weeks worth of getting bigger to go, I've found that my husband has been really supportive.

    He hasn't made any remarks that have made me feel he doesn't find me attractive.  I don't think he's found me really any more attractive than I was before, although I do think he enjoys my chest being bigger.  I find that he still makes the same kind of flirty remarks he always did and if I put myself down at all he reminds me that I'm "growing our daughter" and I need to be nice to her and myself and that she needs room to grow.  

    I think when it's you and your husband knows it's his child that you're carrying it will be different. 

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  • image Tofumonkey:

    I saw a lot of changes in my DH when I was pregnant. He was still very much turned on, some ways even more so, and we still had sex up until when I puked on him during sexy time at the end of my first trimester.

    Oh, that's a whole different kind of scary :S

    Thanks ladies for your reassuring words. You're the best!

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  • I agree that it will be different when it's his baby in you that he's looking at.  Things weren't very sexy with us when I was pregnant, but I think that was more of my doing than my H's.  I had "morning" sickness my whole pregnancy pretty much that would hit me at night..  not that sexy.  

    Tofu!  You crack me up.  That's exactly what would've happened with me if we would've ever attempted anything.   

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