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anyone else doing herbalife?

i've lost 16 pounds on herbalife!  let's discuss our good/bad experiences and ask questions.  ready go...

Re: anyone else doing herbalife?

  • My sister was a distributor, and I tried it for a couple of weeks for her.

    Not a fan. I was always hungry and wanted real food instead of a shake. Blech. Plus, I didn't lose a pound in two weeks.

    My sister has lost 15 and my mom has lost 20+, so I guess it works for them.

    I'd rather learn how to eat from trial and error so I can keep it that way for life, not through a fad diet.

  • Magic pills? No thanks.
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  • I did it a long time ago.It did work I lost 30 lbs and kept it off.  When I did it ,I lost my appetite You just.need to drink lots of water, eat fruits  etc to keep you from getting hungry. just keep it up ,it does work .I also know other people that did it and lost weight.  Just keep with it. Good Luck!!!
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