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Mirena users - question for you

I had a Mirena inserted 10 days ago. I haven't had many problems with it (light cramping here and there), but I have been bleeding very lightly since I had it inserted. I did the reading beforehand and know that light spotting can happen for up to several months after insertion, but I was wondering what ladies here ad experienced as far as spotting/light bleeding after insertion. It is slightly annoying to have to wear a panty liner 24 hours a day and I'm hoping the spotting doesn't continue for too long.
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Re: Mirena users - question for you

  • I had mine put in when DD was 12 weeks (she's 3 now).  I probably spotted for a good month to 6 weeks - it really sucked.  I didn't get a period for about a year after that, but was nursing, so that probably had something to do with it.  I did end up getting a very light period after that (I know for some women it disappears all together, but not in my case).  GL and hope it gets better soon - I agree it's pretty annoying!
  • OK so mine's Paragard, but I'm answering anyway.  I got mine in March and spotted through August.  I think the spotting is gone now, but it took quite a while for things to settle down!
  • I'm like PP, I spotted and dealt with pain for a little over 6 weeks, and until 3 months after I would randomly spot but not everyday. Once I reached the 3 month mark, the spotting and pain stopped.

    Disclaimer: My Mirena is for the treatment of endometriosis, not an elective birth control, so my experiences are understandably worse than the norm.

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  • I spotted on and off for a few months after I had it put in and now I get regular spotting once a month (a very light period).

    I almost always spot on long runs, no matter what time of the month.

  • When I had Mirena put in, I bled heavily for about 4 days and then had my period each month like normal. After a couple years though I started getting really bad cramps and whacky periods so I had it removed. I really liked it while I had it up until the bad cramping and would recommend it to others without hesitation.
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