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Hi! Update and stuff (and a MIL/FIL vent too!). *long*

Hey everyone!

How are you guys? I haven't been able to keep up very much because I've been busy with the baby, so I'll try to do that soon. But I wanted to pop in and say hi. MIL has the baby right now, so my hands (and boobs, haha) are free.

As much as I'm grateful for my MIL and her help and her being here and her letting me sleep, shower, nap, and her doing the dishes and keeping things clean, etc... I'm so ready for her to leave and to get the house back under my control. She started to organize our kitchen yesterday, and I thought she was just cleaning or whatever, but she started going through our drawers, reorganizing them, throwing things away (she did ask for most of it), and then started reorganizing where things are kept on our counters. I may have to put everything back when she leaves, but maybe not. Ugh. I also hate not having my baby all to myself... I barely got to spend time with her when she was in the NICU, and then it's been nothing but "here let me help" and DH's family here since we've gotten home. And I appreciate it, but I want my baby, darn it. LOL I almost lost it the day after we got home, because there were 7 people in the house and no one would let me hold the baby (FIL is especially baby-greedy). It probably wouldn't have been so bad had things not gone the way they did and I got to bond with her right after birth and all that, but it didn't go that way. So I really wanted to scream and take my baby and run away from everyone. Plus I've been exhausted and hormonal, so that doesn't help things. DH has tried to be supportive, but he's just letting his family take her and stuff because "we should utilize them while they're here". Sometimes I think he just doesn't get it.

We took Maya to the pediatrician the other day, and she did well. He said she's doing great, and looks good. But we're taking her back today because she has some sort of skin rash or something on her hands and feet and I want to make sure she's not allergic to anything or something like that. But she's just being adorable and doing all kinds of baby things. Mainly eating, sleeping, and pooping. She hates diaper changes (cries through them until I pick her back up), and hates it when I try to change her clothes (she is such a messy eater!). She's nursing well, but still needs to be supplemented with formula because I don't produce enough right now. I hope that will change soon. DH gets to stay home next week, though, and MIL will be leaving tomorrow, so that'll be nice. We'll get to be a family and bond, so I'm really looking forward to that.

How is everyone? Have I missed anything? I love you guys!! (I know I'm saying I love you a lot, but it's the damn hormones!) I do mean it, though. You guys have been so awesome through this whole thing and been so supportive (Jenn and UW especially), and I'm so happy I'm part of this board. :)

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Re: Hi! Update and stuff (and a MIL/FIL vent too!). *long*

  • aww, cute pic!  Glad to hear things are going well for the most part.  Sorry if I missed this, are your parents coming by?  I can totally understand how you feel about just wanting to have the three of you, but I'm also sure you'll miss being able to sleep as much when they leave ;)  I know my MIL would drive me nuts too! 
  • Yeah, it's pretty stressful, but it was just that one day that all of them were here and passing her around and bypassing me like I wasn't there that hurt the most. And DH didn't understand why I got so upset. And I didn't want to be the mom who won't let anyone hold her baby or anything, so I just had to suck it up and let it happen. I kind of resent everyone for it, but I'm sure I'll get over it eventually. It's just that I missed out on so much of the newness of her, and then as soon as we got home, I had to share her. It was awful.

    I'm healing well. I can actually laugh and cry without pain, and get up and sit up on my own without help, and my body is returning to it's "normal" state, slowly but surely. I have a postpartum follow up on Monday, so we'll see what the doc says.

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  • hihihi!!! so glad you're here! and wonderful to hear that you are healing well, and that maya is a trooper. babies are super sensitive, so i'm sure she might've just gotten into something and it will go away soon. hopefully it's a quick and easy process!

    i'm gonna text you now that i know you're awake..i've been too afraid to text in case you're midday napping Big Smile


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  • Thanks for the update!  So happy that things are going so well for the most part.  At least your MIL is leaving tomorrow. Smile and you can get lots of one-on-one time with your LO.
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  • I hope things settle down and you get back into a normal routine.

    And you're a trooper for putting up with that many people in your house! I can't even imagine.  

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  • Glad things are going (relatively) well!  It's hard when someone is being helpful like your MIL, b/c they're being annoying, but you feel guilty being annoyed, since she's just trying to help... I can imagine feeling just like you that first day back home, and the part about dh not getting it at all -- exactly how mine would be in that circumstance.  We'll have to learn from your experience and talk about it ahead of time.  Good luck in these next few days getting into a "normal" routine!
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  • I'm glad things are going well for the most part! I'm so glad you posted this update, I was thinking about you yesterday!

    I'm sorry about your MIL. I totally feel about your pain about the kitchen re-org. My mom just did it to me like 2 months ago. 

    Just keep thinking of the silver lining, that's it's almost time for her to leave and it'll just be the 3 of you! Big Smile

    Lots of big hugs to you and little Maya! 

  • Thanks for the update. Glad things are going well. Maya sounds so adorable. I can't wait to log on from home so I get to see the picture. Thanks for sharing your experience too. It helps to know what I may soon be experiencing. I would be having a temper tantrum if I was you too. Hang in there. They'll be gone soon.
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