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F/U Teatro Zinzanni

My outfit turned out super-cute. My makeup didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, partly because I didn't have time to go out and buy some of the colors I needed to supplement what I had, and partly because it had been in my car all day. I usually use pan eye-liner but somehow hadn't got it into my bag, but "luckily" had my pencil liner. I started applying it, and it came on two times thicker in line and amount of color it put down because it had become too hot in the car. It took me 5 minutes to remove enough of it to stop looking like drug addict/dead zombie person/black eye.

Sadly, why can't I ever find people who can take decent pictures? We had someone take a pic of us together and it's AWFUL, but then H was all concerned because they were starting to seat people, so he didn't let me find someone else to take a new picture. I had him snap a closer shot of me as my cousin wanted to see how my make-up turned out. I already know H doesn't take good photos, so it wasn't good either. But again, he wouldn't take a second shot even though they were seating for 30 minutes. He insisted, oh there will be plenty of pictures taken at the no. You're not allowed to take pics inside the "tent," so once again, no photos.

The food was delicious, the wine flight perfectly paired. The show itself - SPECTACULAR!! AMAZING!! We can't afford it, but I want to go each time they have a new production. Everything plus more than I had hoped for. I sat with probably a stupid look on my face for most of it because I just kept getting so entranced by everything.

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Re: F/U Teatro Zinzanni

  • sounds fun! i've always wanted to go....i'll take the time one of these days.
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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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  • I've been once a long time ago and it was fabulous!  I want to go again!

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  • image jennlin:
    sounds fun! i've always wanted to go....i'll take the time one of these days.

    Lady, once you pop that little one out and your breast feeding (assuming you intend to do that) can allow it and you need a night out...go!!

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  • fun! I really want to do that some day
  • That does sound fun.  We've talked about going, but haven't ever followed through... maybe this winter.

    For pictures, i set my camera to the settings it requires for the setting before handing over my camera.  But i hear you -- we'll be posed in front of some architectural marvel or amazing scenery and inevitably the person we recruit to take our picture centers us and zooms in/out to awkwardly cut off our hands or the tops of our heads.  We often use a gorillapod (portable tripod).

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  • It was just my iPhone camera as we don't really have a point and shoot at the moment. (H's uses regular batteries, and mine kind of went kaput.) We just look terrible on the photos and H was being weird so I wasn't able to do retakes. He's hard to get a good photo of, and I guess I just got ugly or something because I used to photograph well, and sometime in the past 5 or so years, I look terrible most of the time.

     I know that Costco carries gift cards for Teatro around Holiday time, good way to go for a bit cheaper!

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  • That sounds like so much fun! It's been on my list of things to do, but I'm definitely swayed now.
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