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totally forgot how much I love

The Sing-Off.  For reals, it's totally amazing to me and I feel like these people have real talent.

In other news...

- the neti pot is amazing if you haven't tried it before

- so much sinus pressure!  I kind of want to die

- this weather is awesome!  I wish I felt better and could enjoy it


Re: totally forgot how much I love

  • wow cool!  also, I feel like this is maybe one of the only shows where I don't want to gag listening to the judges feedback - it's not sappy or mean-for-good-tv *cough simon cowell cough*.  Also, they actually give serious/helpful critiques (most of which I don't understand, which means it's probably real, lol).
  • I love the Sing Off! It makes me wish, desperately, that I had joined an a cappella group in college.

    My favorite groups so far are Deliliah and Pentatonix, and I just found out that a guy I know (my baby sister's friend from HS) is the Pentatonix's percussionist. I thought he looked familiar.

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  • I saw commercials for this not too long ago. I don't know where I saw them either, because we don't have a TV. But it look AMAZING!
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  • I've been meaning to watch this, but I keep missing it. When is it on?

    And, netti pots freak me out. There's something about putting water up my nose that gives me the heebie jeebies. 

  • image uwhuskygirl:

    I've been meaning to watch this, but I keep missing it. When is it on?

    I actually don't know, lol.  I've just been watching it on hulu (like everything else these days).

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