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Planned eating/exercise for Friday

B: coffee w/ ff creamer, 2 slices whole grain bread toasted w/ natural crunchy PB & 1/2 a banana

L: salad w/ spinach, romaine, deli chicken, hb egg, carrots, cabbage, mozzarella cheese, red & orange bell peppers, cucumber, garbanzo beans, croutons & lemon juice

S: honeycrisp apple, mini caramel rice cakes

D: leftover mexican piced chicken w/ black beans, corn tortillas, lf sour cream

E: strength training; shoulders, chest, back & 20 minutes on the elliptical or stair stepper

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2-29-12: Leap Year 4 mile, 36:45 9:11 pace - 25.5 weeks pregnant
3-11-12: Corktown 5K, 28:33 9:13 pace - 27 weeks pregnant
3-25-12: Rock CF Island Half Marathon, 2:11:03 10:00 pace - 29 weeks pregnant
4-16-12 Boston Marathon, deferring to 2013
8-11-12: Run thru Hell 10 mile or 4.8 mile
9-30-12: Brooksie Way Half Marathon
10-21-12: Grand Rapids Marathon
11-22-12: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K

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Re: Planned eating/exercise for Friday

  • B: 2 eggs scrambled in butter with hot sauce on multi grain tortilla, coffee with pumpkin spice creamer, women's one a day

    S1: banana

    L: Zoup! turkey chili with multigrain bread

    S2: Chobani nonfat plain yogurt with Kashi TLC pumpkin spice flax bars

    S3: almonds and apple

    D: tomato soup and a "grilled cheese wrap"


    E1: 45 minutes circuit training and abs before work

    E2: horse care and hopefully a ride (pending my sister and our freaky weather both figuring out what they want to do this afternoon)

  • B: milk w/protein powder, a banana, a Larabar L: fruit salad, chicken satay S: chicken satay, chocolate cake D: salad w/mixed baby greens, red peppers, tomato, cucumber, carrots, and thousand island, grilled salmon, and roasted potatoes E: rest, I'm have been in airports/flying for the past 14 hours...only 6 hours of travel to go...ugh (ugly iPad post)

    Duke's House: Eating and Running with the Big Dog in Chennai:


    2010 Race PRs:

    5K - 24:57 10M - 1:28:20 13.1M - 1:57:29 26.2M - 4:28:29

  • B: multigrain cheerios with chopped almonds & raisins, 1/4 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk
    L: leftovers - taco chicken w/ shredded lettuce, rotel, onion, RF cheddar, black beans, crushed tortilla chips & guacamole
    D: TBD, possibly shrimp w/ mango avocado salad and couscous if I cook, or takeout
    S: banana, Kashi pumpkin pecan bar, TBD

    E: supposed to go on the elliptical but just not feeling it today
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  • B: eggwhites, tea

    S: apple, grapes, cheese stick

    L: beef and veggie soup

    S: carrots and hummus, apple

    D: pasta with broccoli raab, chicken sausage, and garlic, WINE :) 

  • E: 8.2 mile run. Last long run before Chicago!!

    B: coffee, Kashi bar, Greek yogurt w/ almonds and dried cranberries

    S: banana

    L: black bean enchiladas, broccoli, dates

    S: carrots, sunflower seeds

    D: TBA, either Panera or pizza and salad

    Karen 7.28.07

    Running on the Rhode

    I hate you very much
  • TGIF!

    B: Kashi Heart to Heart and Quaker Oatmeal Squares in 1% milk; coffee w/ milk and sugar

    L: Minestrone; nonfat vanilla yogurt

    S: Chewy Kashi bar

    D: Leftover turkey soft tacos; lime-cilantro rice and black beans; beer :)

    E: Rest day; I walked to work this morning (1 mi) but I might get a ride home, it is already a little warm out.

  • 60 mins elliptical and maybe some yoga when I get to our hotel later
  • B: protein shake(banana, chocolate whey, 1/4 c milk)

    S: granny smith apple w/ almond butter

    L: leftover chicken pad thai

    S: almonds

    D: not sure yet!

    E: rest day.. so just walking the dog

  • B: 2 scrambled eggs

    S1: peanuts and raisins

    L: babybel cheese, kashi and fat-free milk

    S2: apple

    D: pork stir fry w/ bell peppers and steamed white rice

    E: 4 mi run

  • B: 2 scrambled eggs, grits, ww toast w/jelly

    L: 1 slice pizza, Greek yogurt

    S1: ww crackers

    D: ? "on your own" night at our house

    E: None

  • E: class at the kettlebell gym (focus on upper body - lots of modified pullups, dips, rope climb, push ups, etc)

    B: raisin bagel w/a little cream cheese: tea

    L: going out - some sort of salad with chicken

    D: homemade pizza


    Jersey Girl Triathlon 8/7/11

  • Pre E: 1/2 english muffin with PB

    E: 8 mile run (Ugh, it's over and I did it, but it was EARLY!)

    B: Coffee.  Oatmeal.

    L: Work BBQ.  Not sure yet

    D: Hmm... Not sure.  We're having dinner with friends, and I think we're having steak and potatos, but I could be wrong.

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    Bazinga! <P><P>
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  • Happy Friday!

    E: 1/2 mile walk w/ the pup (my knee is a bit sore/swollen so I'm taking it easy)

    B: Starbucks pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin bread

    L: salad w/ romaine, green peppers, onions, cheese, salsa, gala apple, and ww cinnamon graham crackers

    S: green monster

    D: chicken and veggie fajitas on ww tortiallas, beans, ww chips and guacamole


  • TGIF!

    B: whole wheat toast w/ all natural pb, kiwi fruit, red raspberries, coffee w/ ff creamer

    E: Day  10 of the Shred

    L: egg +egg white scramble w/ peppers, onions, toms, whole wheat toast with all fruit jam, decaf green tea

    S1: Dannon vanilla oikos

    D: ??? I have family coming out to visit, so they'll probably want to go out somewhere...if that's the case, I want to get some salmon.

    S2: small piece of chili dark chocolate

  • B: egg whites on whole wheat, coffee w/creamer

    S: banana

    L: out to a soup/salad joint...I hope they have their minestrone.

    D: hopefully Panera?  I'll be on the road to my race tomorrow, so I'll be on my own for once and can eat whereever the hell I want!  Yay!

    E: depends...if I get out of this training, an easy two miles after I get off the road.  If not, rest day.

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    Yes,I'm smiling...I'm a marathoner!
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    CO Nestie Award Winner-Prettiest Brain-Back to Back!
    2011 Bests
    5K-22:49 10K-47:38 Half Mary-1:51:50
    2012 Race Report
    1/1-New Year's 5K-22:11
    2/11-Sweetheart Classic 4-mile-29:49
    3/24-Coulee Chase 5K-21:40
    5/6-Colorado Marathon-4:08:30
    5/28-Bolder Boulder 10K
  • B: breakfast pocket thingy

    S: apple

    L: BLT sandwich with some soup

    D: idk yet, might get some takeout

    E: HIIT 

  • I clearly need to clean up my diet.

    B- banana, tea

    S- M&M's at Target (my 2 year old "NEEEEEEEDED" them)

    L- Half a pb&j one of my kids didn't finish and some carrot sticks

    D- I got chicken breasts out of the freezer, so something with those, broccoli&cauliflower, and roasted potatoes.

    E- Friday is my day off!

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