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Arrived home!

Still exhausted from all the traveling. We got back Tuesday night but have been go-go-go since. Baseball game and haircut on Wednesday and a day of shopping and a job fair today. So I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Travel Points...

1. JFK is on my crap list. 2 hours spent waiting on the tarmac to take off.

2. Only one bag of four managed to arrive at Milwaukee. We got one bag late last night and the other two early this morning. 

3. American Airlines baggage customer service is terrible. Delta wasn't much better especially the night we flew in and went to the desk.  When they said they weren't equipped to contact American Airlines for us. You know because apparently there is no internet to look up the phone number and of course there wasn't a phone in front of them. Confused

4. I did get to have Chick-fil-a at the Cincinnati airport. Even brought a large lemonade with me on the plane for my mom.

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2012 Reading Challenge
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Re: Arrived home!

  • Mmmm, Chick-fil-a! Jealous!

    Glad you arrived safely. 

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  • Glad you got back safely, even though it was a bit of a tough trip.

    Keep us posted where you end up. I'm always back in WI and Chicago when I visit home!

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • Welcome home!  Sorry for the tough travelling, but hopefully you'll have time to just relax and enjoy being home now.
    Cecilia arrived 12 October 2012
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  • Sorry to hear about the rough trip. Welcome back to the land of customer service and 24 hour convenience!!! I hope you enjoyed every savory bite of your Chick-Fil-A. Now you can start getting settled in.
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  • Glad you arrived safely despite the inconveniences.

    I've actually started not minding when my luggage gets delayed, it means that the airline delivery people carry it up the three floors to our apartment! Ha Ha!

  • Glad to hear you're safe! Keep us posted on how you're settled in.
  • I'm so jealous of the chik-fil-a!  

    Glad you got back safely and I can't wait to hear more updates about your guys' adjustment to living in the states.  :)  I bet you're happier already just being on your home turf.   

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  • Glad to know that you made it home!

    Keep us updated on your new life in the States. It will be interesting to hear about what it is like to move back home.

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