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Hi ladies! TGIF! Any plans for the weekend?

QOTD: What's your favorite TV show that's on at the moment? 

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Re: Morning

  • Morning! DH and I are leaving in an hour to go to his parent's country house in France for the weekend. The weather doesn't look great now so I hope it gets sunny.

    QOTD: "Bref"...I don't watch much TV. 

  • Morning, today I'm seeing some of the girls I used to work with then packing for tomorrow.

    QOTD: I love CSI, and have just recently gotten into Weeds 

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  • Morning!!

    Today is a little busier than I like Fridays to be, but oh well! I have Zumba at 11, then I am heading home to bake and cook for a party tonight. Then it's off to said party, so we can play games with friends. It should be a good time :-) 

    QOTD: Project Runway :-) 


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  • Morning!

    I just got home from a job interview to work at an event company. I should hear back in a week or so.

    We have a party to go to tomorrow night. FIL is watching M. Party!!!

    QOTD: Jeopardy is my all time favourite show. I  also love Dexter and I'm  addicted to Pretty Little Liars, I know I'm way to old for that show though.

  • Happy Friday!  I'm so tired today, and I think it's because I'm starting to get this sickness that's going around.  Boo.  Hopefully a relaxing night tonight and a good sleep in will help out.  Looking forward to the London GTG tomorrow.  I also have some "me" time this weekend since DH is out of town - already booked to get acupuncture, a hair cut and my eyebrows done.  And I may sneak some shopping in there.

    QOTD: I love Grey's Anatomy.  Although I've really gotten into Criminal Minds recently too.

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  • Morning ladies! I'm going to enjoy another beautiful day outside today. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the GTG then hanging out with H and being lazy (hopefully outside).

    QOTD:  Greys Anatomy, Modern Family, and we are on season 2 of HIMYM.

  • It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday (((happy dance)))

    I'm liking today very much: see above + the weather's beautiful and a colleague passed on 100? voucher for cds/dvds/books she received from a conference she took part in because I helped her out with it.

    Plans for the weekend are to enjoy this beautiful sunshine while it lasts & that's pretty much it Big Smile

    QOTD: I really enjoy Dexter, Weeds, the big bang theory and will always love Will & Grace. Probably plenty more, I get into series quite easily.


  • Good morning!  No plans this weekend really.  We'll probably go out to dinner tonight and go into town for lunch tomorrow, but that's our usual routine.  We've been traveling and have had guests for the past month so we're excited to get back into our routine.  

    QOTD: An Idiot Abroad 2  

  • Morning!  Tomorrow DH and I are going to his dad's town for the town parties and to see some family.  Sunday we'll be relaxing and just enjoying our last weekend all alone before my mom arrives this Tuesday.  Should be a good weekend!

    QOTD: I've been watching a lot of What Not to Wear and Sex and the City lately.  Sex and the City because it's on all the time and What Not to Wear just because it's fun. 

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  • Nearly afternoon!  I'm so happy it is Friday and the weather is fantastic!  Yay!

    DH and I are going to have a lovely evening together and sadly, I can't make it to the GTG tomorrow.  I have to work at the evening and it's black time, I don't have enough time :-(.

    QOTD:  I am not hugely into TV, but enjoy HIMYM and NCIS.

    International Nesties June Siggy Challenge: Place I would like to visit.... Dead Sea, Jordan! Only a few more months!
  • Good morning!

    Weekend plans - Happy hour after work tonight. Then dinner at home with FI and working on some apartment stuff and wedding planning. Tomorrow, errands in the morning, London GTG in afternoon (woohoo!), and then taking train to Cambridge on Sunday for a fun day trip out of the city!

    QOTD: Like one of the PPs, I love Dexter and Pretty Little Liars . I have a love/hate feeling towards HIMYM, just b/c I feel like it's gone downhill the past 2 seasons. We don't own a tv, so we only watch what we can stream online, which is a little limited here.

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  • Good morning!  (or evening as I am relaxing after a very nice indeed dinner of pumpkin risotto with garlic bread and caramel slice)  I have no real plans this weekend - DH plays a game to see how long he can go without learning the results of the AFL Grand Final, so I will help him in that goal.  And not that I have gotten ESPN3 to work, I am in college football heaven -- ROLL TIDE!!!

    QOTD:  NCIS, NCIS:  LA, Spicks & Specks, and The Penguins of Madagascar, but I am really, really enjoying the BBC shows on SBS here -- I have really gotten into Coast and Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections.  Yes, I watch entirely too much tv. 

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  • Hola! Went to the dentist today and now I have to do a bit of cleaning before the weekend.

    QOTD: Criminal Minds. I am loving this new season. I love Dr. Reid.

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