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I miss you ladies!!  I just haven't been around much since we've moved back to the US.  I find that we're a lot busier than I thought we could be being unemployed... DH is still looking for work (out of work for almost 5 months now), but he had a promising second interview on Monday and we're praying we'll hear something back from them soon, hopefully tomorrow.  It's a good job, could be a career, and would help us get back on our feet again.  After a few declines, we always reconsider moving back to Japan or Korea.  We definitely loved our time there and look forward to returning, someday - but for now, we're hoping to settle here.  Our friends in Japan would be happy to know our daughter has learned some Japanese words, and even appears to write a few, lol.  I miss our "family" there SO much my heart hurts.  Sigh.  But I am enjoying our family here as well.  I really need to invest in an international calling plan or something because we're all so poor with email and snail mail.  Any inexpensive ideas?  Have any of you used a Skype calling plan?

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Re: Hi!

  • Good Luck to your H!  I hope it all goes well for him.

    We use Skype but we don't have a calling plan, only because everyone else has a computer with internet access.  Sorry, I'm not more helpful.

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  • I use gmail to call the US and that is 1 cent a minute, but I don't know how much it would be to call other places FROM the US.  :S  Wish I could be more helpful! GL with the job hunt.
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  • Hi!  Good luck with the job search and hope something works out soon!

    I think we have a calling plan for Skype for unlimited calls back to the US, which is nice and fairly inexpensive.  I'm not sure how their plans to call to other countries.  You might also be able to use Skype to set up a local Japanese number, so that your friends in Japan can easily call you on that number (we have a US number set up, so I'm assuming you can do that for Japan but not sure).  I think you can do a similar thing with Vodafone but I'm not too familiar with them.

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