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cleaning woes...

So, technically this could fall under the Vent post....but I need advice too. So, here it is...

My dad is an only child, and my grandparents are not in good health. My dad works 45-50 hour work weeks, so I help him with taking care of them all the time. My grandfather just had a heart attack, so things are a bit chaotic right now. My lovely husband volunteered our house to our new church group, which I normally wouldn't mind, but with work, my grandparents, and school I haven't had a chance to keep up with the deep cleaning. So, for my birthday, I gave myself the gift of a 2 hour deep cleaning. Only, it turned out it wasn't a gift. I paid $110 for an "extensive" cleaning.

I went home on my lunch break and walked in my house...

They did the bare minimum. And by that I meam, all they did was vacuum and sweep. So, I went to straight to their office, and waited for an hour for someone to let me in the building. Then, I explained what happened, they called the lady responsible and she called me a crazy ***. The manager came out to my house with me and took pictures of everything that they didn't do. She refunded my money. But, this is the SECOND time this has happened with this particular company. I'm SO pissed off.

So, how would you handle this situation? Would you blast them on reviews, report to BBB, let it go???

Ugh. :(


Re: cleaning woes...

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