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would this bother you?

So my deadbeat, jobless SIL is having a b-day party for her daughter on 10/29.  First b-day for the little one.  HOWEVER, SIL isn't paying for a single thing.  She asked Aunt C. to have it at her house and then Aunt C. and MIL are paying for all food, invites, etc.

Well, cousin in law and his wife (who is throwing my shower and I actually feel is more like a SIL to me than my actual SIL) just moved last month.  They are planning on having a house warming party.....on the same day as b-day party. 

Now SIL and MIL are fuming mad at cousin in law and wife.  to the point where cousin-in-law's mom had to call her sister (my MIL) and talk to her about it.

B-day party is at 1pm.   House warming party at 5pm. about 15 minutes from eachother.

my thoughts:

1.)  It's a party for a 1 yr. old, how long does it really need to be.  I mean it's not like they can play a lot of games, etc.

2.) about half of family is coming in from 1.5 hour-3 hours away.  To me it makes sense to have them come on 1 day.

3.) SIL should be grateful that people are paying for her daughter's party anyway.

Am I being completely harsh??  Granted, I don't tend to side with SIL on much. I haven't said anything about it to SIL (who i don't like to talk to anyway) or MIL.  But cousin-in-law's wife contacted me about it b/c she was upset.  I told her that I didn't see the big deal.  They still plan on going to the b-day party before their party.  I don't even know if their will be lunch at B-day party since it's at 1, so it's not like there is a meal/food issue. 


Thoughts??  Would you be pi$$ed?

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Re: would this bother you?

  • I agree with you - the birthday party should be done in plenty of time for people to easily make it to the housewarming party, and it's nice for people who are traveling.  I think it makes a lot of sense, and even if they were at the same time, it's ridiculous to make a big deal out of it.  Guests decide what to do with their time.
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  • I'm on your side. It's a 4 hours difference between the 2 partys. I can't imagine a 1 years olds bday lasting 4 hours and if it did they can go to housewarming party a little late.

     If I were one of the traveling guest I would much prefer this because honestly if they were 2 different weekends say back to back I would probably choose one or the other because I would not want to travel that long back to back.

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  • I agree with Laura. 

    SIL is being whiny b/c the day won't be all about her and her DD.  Ignore SIL.

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  • I agree with you and everyone else.  SIL sounds like a butt face.
  • SIL needs to take a flying leap off a tall building.

    Go to bday party and then go to housewarming. Trust me E's bday parties max out at 4 hrs and that's for 3 yr old with other kids and games and all that jazz. Go to both and tell them they are lucky for showing up to begin with.

  • Thanks all!  MIL hasn't brought this up to me yet, but I know she will, and possibly this weekend since we're going to see her.  Just wanted to get some other opinions to know I wasn't crazy.
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  • image shauni27:
    I agree with you and everyone else.  SIL sounds like a butt face.

    This. and is it wrong to be excited to hear that someone else's SIL is a buttface like mine. I deal with the "not paying for anything" with SILs all.the.time, and it gets really old and makes me not want to be supportive of her crap anyway.

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  • SIL doesn't have a leg to stand on.  Geez...I hate useless, demanding, inconsiderate people.
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