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New House -- Cat Box smelll

We're closing on our new home in a few weeks, and went over last night for some measuring.  The basement and some other rooms reeeeek of cat box.  We know they have cats, but they'd done a great job keeping the cat stuff a bit out of sight (and smell) on previous visits.

Wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to get rid of the lingering smell, especially in the musty basement, once we move in? 


Re: New House -- Cat Box smelll

  • If you didn't smell the cat box before, it may be a temporary problem. I have a cat with a litter box in the basement and most of the time I don't smell a thing but occasionally when I go downstairs the cat box reeks. I assume this is right after the cat has used the box. If I scoop the box and wait a couple of hours, the smell is gone again.

    If there is a lingering smell in carpeting, there is a product called Nature's Miracle that is supposed to help with that. (Knock on wood, my cat has never peed outside his box.)

    Maybe try asking over on the pets board?


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  • I'm a lurker, but wanted to add my two cents. If it is a lingering issue, you may want to consider painting the walls with Kilz as well. Sometimes the smell can get into the sheetrock itself, and it does help. I help a friend redo a house they bought after the previous owners' two dogs and cat had managed to pee/poop ALL over the place (don't ask), and you would seriously never know now.
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  • I haven't tried it myself but I've heard Damprid which works with moisture, also removes odors like that..might be worth a shot. ?
  • Are you concerned that the smell might be from cat accidents on the floor? Cat urine can be a big problem if it seeps into carpet and the padding. Does the basement have carpeting? I know this is gonna sound gross, but if it does, I'd consider getting down and sniffing around corners and by doorways to see if the smell is coming from the floor.

    I've read somewhere that pouring full strength white distilled vinegar onto areas where a cat has urinated gets rid of the urine crystals that cause the lingering odors-- and by pouring, it meant saturating pretty well so that the vinegar gets into the padding and base layer, too. Then allow the vinegar to dry on its on, and presto! The smell is gone. (Disclaimer: please test a small hidden area of the carpet first so that you don't hate me later if the vinegar does any damage; and yes, it will reek of vinegar until dry). I haven't tried it on cat urine, but i have used this method many times for doggie accidents, and it works for me with no additional damage to the carpet (however cat urine is notoriously more potent than dog urine).

     However, if the problem is cat urine in the carpet, and the damage is widespread, you might consider just replacing the old carpet and padding completely. 

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